As always Wagnaria is funny and entertaining to watch. I didn’t expect a lot of stuff to happen this week, and I wasn’t wrong about that. Things was progressing slowly even for Takanashi and Inami, although at the end, looks like something interesting might just happen. There is a lot of focus on Takanashi and Popura this week as well. Also a decision from Yachiyo to quit working at Wagnaria, I’m not sure why, but the main reason is still unclear.


Everyone is surprised that the girly Takanashi is back. To think that he really decide to go that far, considering he doesn’t even like crossdressing as a girl. Something is definitely wrong with Takanashi, and pretty much everyone realize it. Even Yamada was worried about Takanashi. The part when Yamada’s brother appeared was kinda funny. I really thought he didn’t know, but in the end he was just playing along with Takanashi. He got beaten up good as well, lol! To think that Yamada’s big brother actually fall in love with Takanashi when he was a kid, lol!


I also like the part where Souma-kun was quiet and not making anything suspicious. In the end that isn’t true at all. To think he took a bunch of photos of pretty much everyone at Wagnaria, and you could make a huge photo album out of it, haha! The part about Yachiyo wanting to quit working at Wagnaria was kinda unexpected though. The reason was still unclear though, I’m really not sure what her plans are, but it seems even Satou is ok with it, so I guess it will be fine. Even Satou is ok now with Yachiyo, I’m glad of that.


So Popura is going to be the next chief, when Yachiyo stops working. It seems like a nice replacement. I don’t think anyone else could do it better than Popura as well. She is really hardworking and did a good job overall, so everything will be fine if she becomes chief. This will mean more cute Popura getting mad at everyone. I like when Popura is mad, she is so kawaii! I don’t think we’ll see that part this season though, if there is going to be another season, we just might.


That ending though, to think that Takanashi’s mom was there. I’m guessing his mom is going to push him or something, to get together with Inami. The grand finale where Takanashi gets together with Inami? I think it’s happening alright, what else could be more interesting for a finale at this point? More Satou and Yachiyo would have been nice, but that arc is already over, so i’ll leave it at that. I just hope one of them confess already. If it is not happening, that means another season, maybe. That would actually be cool as well, but I doubt they will leave it unresolved this time. Looking forward to the final episode of this season. Hopefully it’s a good one.


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