OH YES! YES! I think by now everyone know what I’m overreacting to, if you read pretty much all of my post about Wagnaria that is. Today is just gonna be one of those days, happiest day of my life kinda day 🙂 To think it actually happened, pinch me, I must be dreaming. It’s finally back on track, Satou x Yachiyo week again.


I really can’t believe it’s actually happening though. I’m glad they finally stop the teasing, and go for it. That part where Yachiyo heard about Satou quitting, I was really afraid a huge misunderstanding and stuff could happen, but none of that happened. I’m glad even Kyouko-san is giving a push so that both of them could get together. That challenge by Kyouko actually did the trick. It was kinda funny though, the first time Satou tried to confess there was actually a really long pause before he finished saying i love you, lol! And then comes the misunderstanding part that he though she rejected him. I was already like… Nooooooooo! Glad she just forgot what the first part was. Damn that was a close one.


Then comes the most important part, and the moment of truth! Satou finally has the courage to tell her, and he made it clear this time. Hugging and telling her clearly this time, unlike last time, where she thought it was just about being friends, lol! I’m surprise that she replied it pretty quick with a yes. I guess she is just waiting for Satou to confess all this time? 😀


That part where Kyouko tries to stay away and not disturb Yachiyo and Satou’s relationship was kinda nice. To think Kyouko doesn’t want a parfait from Yachiyo, well that’s a first. And out of nowhere Satou was there, wtf. That admirable word coming out of Satou mouth though. I’m glad he wants the part where Yachiyo is happy making parfait to stay. It’s true that Yachiyo would never be the same, if she doesn’t make parfait or talk about Kyouko. Satou thinking that way, surprise, surprise!


Yachiyo visited Satou at his house. Oh. My. God. I like girls who could cook, she came and cook for him. So sweet. We got a confirmation as well from Yachiyo that she loves Satou too. I wonder what Yachiyo wanna tell Satou next time, this is gonna be good. Maybe they will get married or something? lol! Well I’m really not sure, but I couldn’t think of anything else. The part where Yachiyo spent the night at Satou’s house was kinda nice too. Wish they would at least show a bit of that part, oh well.


Best episode, woot! Finally it happened, and I couldn’t be more happier. Now that they are together, I guess I can look forward for some more romance. Please Satou, no more having a stomachache please, you gotta man up a bit. I like that Kyouko hope that Takanashi and Inami will get together too. Although she didn’t mean it directly, but I know Takanashi gets it, and as always in denial. I guess the next episode might just be about them, what else could it be about now anyway. They should wrap it up before it ends. Everything seems to be going well, so I hope, they are right on track to deliver the next ship!


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