Takanashi’s mom finally revealed this week. Lately Working has been getting interesting than the usual, maybe because it involves a bit of love. It’s nice to see Kozue has her own part as well this week. Kyouko on the other hand, misses Yachiyo’s parfait, and tries to make the other staff make her one instead. Not a bad episode overall.


Finally they revealed Takanashi’s mom. She seems beautiful and not scary at all. I think everyone is kinda scared of her not because she is scary or anything, it’s just that she likes teasing people, and making them do stuff that they don’t like. I see why everyone prefers not to have her around at all, lol! Poor Kozue that her mom didn’t even remember her name though, such a mom! But it’s true the middle child sometimes gets neglected, kinda happens to everyone which has a big family. It’s nice to finally see Takanashi’s mom though. Turns out his dad on the other hand, has passed away a long time ago.


The Kozue part wasn’t bad at all. I find it weird though how she never gets to have a boyfriend and stuff. I think there is always guys who like the Kozue type. There’s definitely one. She is not that bad looking either, pretty beautiful, with a nice body. Maybe a bit baka, but that’s just it. I like how she is always cheerful though, that’s seems like the most positive thing about her. At least she has someone she can trust and hangout with from now on.


Kyoko on the other hand is forcing everyone to make her parfait by lying about staff evaluation and stuff. As if the others didn’t see that part coming. What I like about her is that she knows about Yachiyo and Satou’s situation. That after credit scene though. I wonder if she is gonna let Yachiyo know that she likes Satou. That would definitely change things, but knowing Working, you know this stuff might actually not happen. The preview though, we might get something interesting next week.


There was a bit of development about Takanashi and Inami as well. I see that Takanashi’s mom notice it, and is actually pushing him somehow to like Inami, probably. Nice to finally see Takanashi admitting that he likes Inami as well. That’s some development, and it should get more interesting next week, I’m sure of it. I just wonder if they are finally gonna be a couple or something by the end of this season. It might happen even for Yachiyo and Satou as well.


Not a bad episode overall. I just hope they concluded the romance part this season, if there is actually one, lol! I do not have high hopes about it, but I do hope there is something for the fans who are rooting for them to get together. Looking forward to the next episode, hopefully we will see some development somehow. Thanks for reading.


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