Hey what’s up everyone, first off I won’t to apologize for not posting as frequently this season as I used too.  To make up for my lack of posting I’m going to be posting everyday this workweek, a new review, for a total of 5 in all!  They will all be reviews of different OVAs so lets get to the first one, which is about a boy who fights aliens to save the world.  This review will be as spoiler free as possible, so don’t worry!

When aliens suddenly invade the world, Earth seems to be fighting a losing battle until Arikawa, one of the defense command staff discovers a young man lying on a hill.  Tests soon prove the impossible: this one teenager, Kakashi has the power to defeat the attackers.  Kakashi has lost his memory and he has no way of properly using his powers.  Everyday the Aliens send down a new challenger who he must defeat and if he doesn’t the world could end.

This Boy Can Fight Aliens was animated by one woman, by the name of Soubi Yamamoto when she was 21 on her home computer.  It was later produced by CoMix Wave Films who also had the job of getting the voice actors and writing the music for the OVA.  The OVA runs 30 minutes and has been licensed and distributed dubbed in the United States by Sentai Filmswork.


It is apparent that Shoujo Anime influenced Yomamoto heavily.  The three main characters are all male all look very feminine.  Also very typical of Shoujo Anime, the characters have long, lanky builds.  The world that Yomamoto created is very bright; it makes Penguin Drum look dull in comparison. There are only brief moments of action, but what action there is looks great and moves fluently.  The backgrounds are all very detailed but fail to be anywhere as impressive as the other animator known for creating anime by himself at home, Makoto Shinkai.  It is hard to not compare Yomamoto work to those of Shinkai.  They both for the most part do everything by themselves but Shinkai has 15 years more experience.  Maybe Yomamoto in the future will be able to be compared equally to Shinkai, but she needs more time but she does show lots of promise.  There are some moments where the animation is bad.  Yomamoto took many shortcuts.  The easiest to notice is when the characters walk.  There are moments where it is very choppy.  There are also times when the animation looks like cardboard cutouts or comedy is used as an excuse to make the animation look crappy as a shortcut.



There are only 3 characters in This Boy Can Fight Aliens, Kakashi, Arakawa, and Shiro.  For a 30-minute OVA the characters are fairly well developed and easy to get an understanding of.  Kakashi our protagonists, is going through an inner struggle.  He has amnesia and is constantly paranoid.  He is afraid that if he remembers his past he will find out that he is alone in the world.  His struggles create an interesting character that is at war with himself, which leads to some rather trippy sequences in the OVA.  Arakawa basically is a very nice person.  He has a special relationship with Kakashi and he cares for him deeply.  He is always encouraging Kakashi and getting him through hard times.  Our last character is Shiro, the rough but caring father figure.  He is the worst developed of the three characters.  Sometimes his actions seem to contradict each other and I was left confused.



The music throughout the OVA was fairly strong.  There were nice soft piano and violin pieces.  The voice actors chosen also did their jobs well.  I was surprised that there was a dub of this OVA and it was also very good.  I really liked Greg Ayres as Arakawa he was cast perfectly.




 The story is a simple one.  Basically Kakashi fights aliens while fighting an internal battle with himself.  This Boy Can Fight Aliens is a boy’s quest for friendship, and to not be alone in this world.  It is hard to talk about the story without spoiling it because it is only 30 minutes long.  It is obvious from the beginning that there are elements of boy-love throughout the OVA.  They aren’t too prevalent and even if you don’t like the genre of boy-love it shouldn’t bother you unless you’re the CEO of Chic-fil-A.


Final Score, 7.5/10

Overall This Boy Can Fight Aliens is a decent OVA and is worth watching.  I recommend it to anyone, if you don’t like it you only wasted 30 minutes of your life.  Thanks for reading.


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