How I wish the finale would have been longer. It was still a great finale, to think they could conclude everything in just those 24 minutes though. I really like the direction and how everything was concluded. I could see why it took them a while to finish the final episode, and it was actually worth the wait. I really didn’t expect them to go all out with all the idols. We have a chance to see them all shine in this episode, which was kinda unexpected.


I thought we’re going to be all happy happy though. Some part of the show is still touching to watch but in a good way. I really love this episode, it was just beautiful, just like the previous episode from Uzuki. All the idols in just a single episode, it was amazing. I kinda wish we could see them all dancing and singing, it could have been even more awesome if they were able to squeeze all that in. Hopefully there is an extended version or some sort, I’d definitely watch it if there is one.


I always like when Mishiro and Producer-san goes head to head with their exchange of thoughts. It was actually one of the good parts about the show. It’s always Producer-san who wins in the end, because of his believe in all the girls. Finally Mishiro lost the battle and gave in. When I saw Mishiro smiling seeing all the idols perform, we know that she has finally accepted Producer-san. I just think Mishiro admires Producer-san now. Good thing that she knows what she did was wrong, and finally playing nice. It was a long time coming.


New New Generations, what a name, lol! I like the new song, it was pretty good. Seeing them performing again together, finally. Took them a while, seriously. The other part where all the Cinderella Girls perform was even better, love the song too. Now I wait for the full song to come out, as well as it being playable on Starlight Stage game. It was nice seeing all the girls being supportive with each other. Producer-san I am proud of you. It’s like doing something really impossible though. All the girls has quite a lot of units and all of them perform with different group and all. Managing to pull something this big was really impressive. Is it magic? Definitely!


That part where they showed everyone was separated but still together as one was great. I don’t really like all of them to be separated, but the way they executed it is perfect. I think it was actually really good. Despite everyone being busy with their very own project, the girls are actually still united. That’s really one of the crucial part of the final episode to conclude everything. That part where Uzuki, Mio and Rin stumble against each other was a nice touch too, and producer picking up that glass shoe. ๐Ÿ™‚


I couldn’t have wished for a better finale. A big finale with nice animation, and giving screen time for just about everyone.ย That last part where they didn’t show the girls dancing though, looks like a sneak peak to a movie or some sort, maybe. There was also the part where they showed that Producer-san is recruiting more girls, so we might actually get more in the future? Maybe. Please let there be more ๐Ÿ˜€ So everything has to have an ending, and we’re finally at the end of the series. I’ve to say it was really good overall. I didn’t like the drama much, but without it, it will not be this good and touching. If I were to rate this show, I’d give it somewhere in between 8 or 9/10. That is my personal rating though, if I did a review, it might be a different score. I really enjoyed it though. Where can you find a lot of idols in just one show? This is definitely the only one. With that, I end this post with a thank you. It was a great ride, and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I do. ๐Ÿ™‚


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