What a beautiful and wonderful episode it was. I have to say after all the drama that has happened and all the ranting from me, everything is pretty much forgiven after seeing this episode. Glorious! I love it! More about Uzuki this week, although most of it was really touching and sad to watch, I have to say the ending was really amazing. I was really happy when I saw this episode, it was really good.


Before everything starts being happy happy again, the build-up was kinda great. You know when you saw this episode at the beginning that everyone was going to cheer Uzuki up. I really like how some of the other girls like Miku and the other little ones actually look up to Uzuki. The cheering up, and how everyone express their feelings was really good. Props to all the girls, the build up was really great. I just feel like crying when I watch this episode.


Despite all the trouble the girls has been through, I can’t believe they are all actually just fine in the end. Anastasia, Ranko, Minami, and even the other girls, they were all mostly positive up till the end. Kinda glad most of them never give up like Uzuki did. Such determination and strong-willed most of them are 😀 Everything was really heartwarming, but then comes Mishiro and her stupid plans. Her attempt of firing Uzuki was really low, and she thought she finally could accomplish it in this episode, but of course she is always wrong, hah!


I think the best part about the show was definitely that build-up between Uzuki and Producer-san. Such composure from Producer-san, I can’t believe he would just hear what she has to say and all. He didn’t even convince her that much, but what he did was really wonderful. He tries his best in his own way. I was like, please Producer-san, cheer her up! But he was just listening to her and believing. I guess that’s how Producer should be yes? Believing! Although he didn’t say much, his words has a lot of meaning to it.


I’m glad in the end Uzuki did her best and returned the way she was. I don’t really understand why she only wears her school uniform though at the end, during the live. It was kinda a turnoff, but in the end it was really great. Thanks to all the other girls supporting her, she managed it somehow. I really like the song that Uzuki sang, it was kinda one of my favorites, I’ve heard it a few times in the Starlight game before. After that performance, I’ve to say she is definitely one of the top girls for me. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve liked her from the start, but all those drama definitely made her meh. Glad that there was some sort of redemption for her in the end. I love it! 😀


Wonderful episode, and such a big gamble from Producer-san. Producer-san knows best! I think Producer deserve most of the credit this episode. Uzuki did great of course, but it won’t be possible with our Producer-san yes? One thing that I dislike about this episode is how Rin and Mio didn’t really do much to cheer Uzuki up. They were like best friend, but it was the others who actually made a huge difference for Uzuki. Nevertheless, it was really great. They showed how all the girls are in a good state in the end, and how everyone is happy with the way they are, except for Mishiro that is, lol! Wonderful, really wonderful episode. Can’t wait for the finale! Sadly again, we have to wait another additional week because there is another special program coming out.  They are definitely taking their time with the final episode, I just hope it’s a really awesome one. Thanks for reading.

This was me, the whole episode! T_T

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