More drama this week, as expected. Poor Uzuki, her smile basically no longer looks the same. You could see how things aren’t going so well since last week, and finally Uzuki is making her move. As how Rin and Mio made their own decisions, it comes a shock to everyone else about Uzuki as well. I can’t really blame her, out of all the girls I think she is probably the one which has the biggest problem compared to other girls.


As predicted Uzuki is going to make those two ungrateful friend of her’s realize what they did was wrong towards her. Sounds harsh? Maybe, but the fact that Rin and Mio knows what they did was wrong and never actually comfort Uzuki is kinda the problem for me. Rin keepĀ asking Uzuki whether she is fine or not, I don’t know how many times she has asked already, but it’s really obvious she is not fine. The good thing about Uzaki going back to basics is basically making Rin and Mio realize something…like finally.


The moment the producer told Rin and Mio that Uzuki has yet to give an answer about them performing as New Generations, kinda give the biggest hint. Now they really feel bad about it, which is a good thing. The Uzuki we know would have said yes about the performance, so yeah if they still didn’t get the hint, I’d kill myself.


In the end Rin took the aggressive way of clearing things up. Good thing they all told what they really feel, if not this could never be resolve. The problem is it isn’t fix yet though. I like the part that Rin was being honest with her and all aggressive. I also like the part that Rin remembers that Uzuki was the one who made her decide of being an idol in the first place. Very touching, but the most important part is how shitty both Rin and Mio has been treating her, and they finally realize that. Poor Uzuki, you deserve better šŸ™


This season is kinda underwhelming to be honest. The only thing that could make me feel better is Project Krone falling apart, and I don’t see that part ever happening, or Rin and Anastasia quitting Project Krone, I can’t see that happening either. A consolation prize would be Project Krone not being a big hit at the end, and they join forces with Cinderella Project.Ā Just 2 more episodes left, and I don’t think they got enough time to make me feel better about it. I kinda wish it was longer, so they could at least make up for all the drama. Maybe a movieĀ could fix it for me. Kinda wish Mishiro never appeared as well. Too much negative yes? Well let’s just hope the ending is good. Sad that we have to wait longer for the next 2 episode to come out. Let me know how do you think it will in the end, maybe your thoughts could make me feel better about it. Thanks for reading.


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