I really don’t know how to feel about this anime anymore. Mix feelings I guess. Last week we got a lot of forced drama, and this week it’s pretty much forced as well, but in a positive way. Too positive, I must say. One that doesn’t seems logical, and could ever happened in real life. All the drama that they build up felt kinda meaningless as well, as everything just turns back to normal at the end of this episode. It’s positive though, so it’s actually good for the girls.


Such a big stage though, with so many fans. I like that finally we got ourselves a performance. It’s been awhile that we actually got this much performance. Anastasia, and Minami had a really good performance for their solo performance. Those duo doesn’t seems to have much of a problem, as they kinda accept each other’s decision. I can’t say the same thing about the New Generations though. Mio is just too positive for once, and Uzuki is at a stage that she is gonna break.


Uzuki’s situation reminded me of Haruka’s situation in the original Idolmaster. Just look at poor Uzuki. She hasn’t been acting like herself at all. All this is because of Rin though, there is no one else to blame about it. You can see how guilty Rin felt as well, from the start till finish. Despite all that, their Triad Primus performance was really good. The question is will New Generations be that good? Uzuki’s dream as well is yet to come true, and I guess she has a lot of doubts about it now. Thanks Rin, such a good friend you are. Remember the time where Uzuki was actually the one who got Rin to become an idol? Yeah that’s right, so if Rin doesn’t fix this during the Winter ball, i’m just gonna categorize her as one of the bad girls in the series.


I felt that Uzuki’s situation is the part where all the Cinderella Girls will be together as one again. It’s gonna make people realize stuff, but I just hope there isn’t gonna be much of a drama again. So finally Mishiro is gonna give in a little bit, but still she is still tsundere about it, lol! I hope the Winter ball is going to be something big, like better than that show we just saw. I’ll be really disappointed if Project Krone tops the Cinderella Project.


Overall I think it was sorta okay, I guess. Sure the positive part was good, but as I’ve already said, it felt forced. They keeping shoving things for the series at the moment, and it felt a bit rushed too. Nonetheless on the girls part, everything seems a-ok now, except for Uzuki that is. Just what is gonna happen next, as well as the Winter ball is gonna be a crucial part of this series in my opinion. I just don’t like how things are at the moment. Unleash that power of Smiles now, I guess.


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