I really don’t know the direction this anime is going at the moment. I don’t feel like what they are doing is a good thing overall. This episode, and before that, was kinda disappointing. The force drama is kinda bad. We have little to no connection as well between the characters in the show, so everything kinda felt forced. I thought the first season was good, but the 2nd one was pretty bad. It felt like Cinderella Girls could beat the original during the first season, but after this episode, I kinda liked the original Idolmaster better. We felt more connected to the characters, and not everything felt forced upon us, for Cinderella girls, it’s kinda the opposite. Now they are separating the girls, which makes everything even worse.


What Mio is doing is really not a good thing, and they think it’s a good idea to make it felt like it’s good. I don’t like it, but it does have some point. Being separated and trying new thing, to realize how Rin felt. Sounds good, but there is always other ways to resolve those things. Those who left for Project Krone has themselves to blame, for all this issues. How could they just leave and let everyone else solve this problem by themselves? That’s really selfish of them in my opinion. It’s getting bad as it is, and it might have gotten worse with Rin and now Minami being separated as well.


So recruiting the other girls from the different departments, is just to fill the gap of what is missing, and forming a new unit. I don’t see how this kinda solves everything. The only thing I hope is that, Rin, Anastasia, and the others realize that being together with their old unit is a much better idea than joining that stupid project of Mishiro’s. It’s frustrating and not really the outcome I was expecting it to be. I really can’t look on the brightside of things to come, just seems awkward for the most part and boring.


Base on the first paragraph, you could already see how I don’t like this episode at all. I don’t like the direction their heading as well. Being separate and on a new adventure, what kinda bullshit is this really. I hope it never works. Being a solo artist, being on a different unit, everything felt kinda pointless now. I don’t see the point of watching this anymore as well. They were all together and now being separate on a new adventure is the way to go? Seriously, if they don’t become together as whole again, this series is a failure. What’s the point of New Generations, Love Laika, and being as a group in the first place. Man, I don’t like it at all. Nothing has been solved as well, it’s slightly better than last week, but that’s just it. I’ll keep watching of course, and hope that so called ‘Smile’ will shine upon them…….meh.


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