I really don’t like this episode at all, too much drama this week. It’s not that the episode wasn’t good, the problem is what is going to happen to the Cinderella Project. It is really a complicated situation, and I don’t like it one bit. Mishiro and her stupid plans, makes me sick in general. That twist in the end was even worse from Mio.


It started pretty dramatic. A new project called Project Krone, and Anastasia and Rin is going to be apart of it. Both are in a state of shock and confused, not knowing what to do. This is really bad in general. Mishiro stupid idea is just separating everyone for the benefit of her own project. There is no way one can commit into more than one unit, there is really no time for two units. One is just going to be in shambles. Making the unit that they are already in pretty much disconnected and probably disbanded in the long run.


I really don’t like this thing one bit. It’s really selfish of them to think about their own advantage though. They should stick with the unit their already in, and just go with it. Think about your friends, seriously. It’s not like they can’t do amazing stuff with their own unit. Love Leika unit was really great, and New Generation wasn’t bad either. Why do they even feel this way, I have no idea. Please girls, do not break my heart.


So in the end, Anastasia is going to join Project Krone, while Rin didn’t join it because of Mio. But the stupidest thing about the twist at the end was Mio going solo. What the flipping fuck is wrong with her really? Rin didn’t even join the project, and she is doing this? She is already the worse girl, this makes it even worse really. What selfish act is she into this time? Oh my God! This won’t end up well.


Please let this stupid project of Mishiro’s end already. By next week I hope all this problems regarding Project Krone is solved by then. I really can’t take this shit anymore. I’m sure most of you guys agree about it as well. Our Cinderella girls on the brick of destruction man. This cannot happen. No one should ever agree to join Mishiro’s plan as well, it like saying your current project isn’t great, and admitting defeat. Why you do this Anastasia 🙁 I hope it doesn’t work out for her, and she will quit Project Krone. That’s for the best. As for Mio, she can just die really, I don’t care about her anymore.


I know where this is heading to be honest. The final battle is going to be Cinderella Project vs Project Krone. Those girls are going to battle it out against each other, and who so ever becomes more popular is just going to win it all. Basically it’s Producer-san vs Mishiro bakayaro. I’m just waiting for someone to murder Mishiro, seriously. I know I’m totally losing my cool in this post, but I thought I just have to let it all out once in a while. On the bright side, the newly formed Project Krone unit has some good looking girls in it. Here hoping for the best for the Cinderella Girls. What do you think about this episode? I’m pretty sure most of you guys are mad as well, lol! Thanks for reading.


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