The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Episode 19


It’s Riina’s turn this time. Looks like they are focusing on her specifically this time, with a bit of Natsuki the rocking girl. I think this episode wasn’t that great in general, but it was alright, I guess. I like how Riina was capable of solving her own problems, and that one time unit with Natsuki was pretty cool too. The main problem has yet to come, but we have a glimpse of what’s happening next, with the New Generation trio.


Riina and Natsuki looks like a good combination. Both would definitely work well together, but the problem was Riina already has a unit of her own with Miku. Most of this problem is Riina wanting to be in a group with Natsuki though. Sure she didn’t say that, but you could tell that she really wanted that at one point. I like the part at the beginning when Natsuki asked her a lot of questions regarding rock. I think Riina doesn’t really know much about rock in general, she just likes the image of rock, rather than the music itself. She just wanna be cool. Sure she likes a few songs, but that’s just it, I guess. She doesn’t really delve that deep into rock itself.


Riina spacing out and keeps thinking about Natsuki was mostly the problem this week. As you can see she really doesn’t know much about rock, and keeps listening and doing research about it every night. She kinda realize it early, that what she is doing was wrong, which is a good thing. Natsuki takes a liking towards her a lot, while she tries to solve her own problem. Natsuki seems to want Riina to be on her band pretty bad, but wasn’t able to do so. It’s nice that they kinda performed together at the end. A breakup song, that’s how she gets over it ey? Well I guess that is how artist do their thing.  Looks like Natsuki is probably joining the Cinderella Ball project as well? I think so. Now I’m curious how the others are gonna play a part by joining the project. Surely it’s more than just joining some reality show with them and such right?


Now lets talk about the New Generation. It seems that Mishiro heard Rin and 2 of the other girl singing together, and think it’s a good idea to form a new unit next. This is definitely gonna break the New Generation. It’s my biggest concern right now, although it isn’t happening yet. You can already see it when Natsuki declined Mishiro’s proposal at the end of the show. When she was closing some of the windows, and a picture of Rin and the 2 other girls shows up. This Mishiro is really a baka though, I’m really not sure what’s in her mind really, causing all this problem. She really should stop this, and go along with all the other girls. Sure she can create new unit if she wants, but just don’t involve the existing ones. Get some new girls instead.


Overall it was alright. I’m more interesting in what’s gonna happen next regarding the Next Generation group, rather than Riina. Lets just hope it’s one of those one problem, one episode kinda thing. I hate when the drama kinda gets dragged pretty long, because this show could focus on some other stuff. Just like one of those Idolmaster Movie, the drama kinda dragged a bit too long, making it a bit meh imo. Now, is the Next Generation part happening next? Or are they gonna focus on Love Laika first? Ermmmm… Regardless, it’s gonna be good. I hope it’s better than the rest of the episodes we have seen so far. That’s all this week, thanks for reading.


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