Looks like they are focusing on each group of idol from now on. The formula in every episode seems the same, but told in a different way, which is good. The focus this week is on Kirarin, Anzu, Chieri and Kanako, each with their own show. I like that there is some doubt or problem going around between them, and that they are able to solve it in the end. I find every episode to be kinda touching so far. Feels are always included, which is a good thing.


It seems the Totokira Academy show is going well. With the help of the other department it seems more livelier and fun to watch. Looks like the New Generation squad is recruiting some people of their own. The more the merrier. I think the New Generation part will be the last part for all the Cinderalla Girls, before we get to the serious part of the story again. There is a still a few other girls left to focus on though, like Anastasia, Minami and Ranko. That should be interesting, as I like those 3 a lot.


I like when Anzu is all energetic and not sleeping. That’s like the first time she is ever super active in her work. I don’t think I’ve seen her being this hardworking before in the series. It’s a nice change, and the kawainess she brings is really nice. I wonder if she drops that sleepy personality of her’s, I’m pretty sure she could be one of the most favorite girls, if not already. It can’t work alone though, she still needs Kirarin for everything to work. It’s a perfect combo between them. I like when Kirarin tells Anzu that she likes being with her. That’s one of the best part for me.


As for Chieri and Kanako, it’s more of Producer trying to give them a bit of a challenge. They are kinda always nervous and stuff, so it’s good for them to resolve it in the end. They seems to have lots of issues though, unlike Anzu and Kirarin which just works so well together. That little push from the other girls and Producer-san seems to work wonders for Chieri and Kanako. Producer-san’s plan seems to be going well for now, and I wonder when Mishiro will realize that. Maybe she already realize it, just that she is denying it you know 😉


Not a bad episode overall. There are so many girls, that it’s really hard to focus everyone in just one single episode. They focusing them in a group and showing their personalities and such, and I bet they’ll get to the part where they’re all together in the end, taking down Mishiro. Really looking forward to that part. Next up is probably Anastasia, Minami and Ranko. This gonna be good. Well that all for now, thanks for reading guys.


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