A slow start for the anime, heavy in dialogue, but yet very interesting so far. One of the strong points about the series has to be their animation, characters as well as those interesting dialogues. As for the mystery part, it seems they are taking their sweet time about it, but they are getting somewhere. The opening and ending song was really good too, I like it a lot.


One of the most interesting things that I like about this anime is the cute girl Nishinosono, or you can call her Moe. She is very observant, smart and cute. She seems to like Saikawa sensei a lot, and her family is super rich. Saikawa sensei is an interesting guy as well. His way of thinking seems unique, has a deep voice and is pretty cool. There is one other interesting character which is a doctor called Shiki Magata. She looks like a doll and a pretty scary one. The mystery seems to revolve around her, and the guys are probably going to find out about her. For a first episode, I think they did well on the characters, the introduction for all of them were pretty good.


This show kinda makes me feel smarter, lol! All this interesting bits of dialogue was really nice. “Seven is a lonely number because 1x2x3x4x5x6 = 8x9x10“, “Luxury means something with no meaning at all” and the most interesting one was “Humans are programed to get stupider as they age“. There is also that 3 basic question that was asked several times, “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” I like the dialogues so far, and it’s definitely one of the strongest point of this show.


While the first episode was really slow, and is mostly just about the introduction of the characters, I still find it interesting. The first episode is a huge exposition, and this anime managed to flesh out its characters and their relationship with each other, and the general idea of what the tone and goal is very effortlessly. The directing seems good, and the mystery seems nice so far. Unlike Sakurako anime, I find this show more heavy on the mystery part. It’s still too early to judge, but both are really interesting so far.


Good animation, nice directing, a bunch of interesting characters so far. I’m liking the show, but I can understand a few people who will find this show boring because of all the dialogues, and the slow start. If you can watch something like the Monogatari series which is really heavy on the dialogue, I think you’ll like this one as well, and of course if you’re the type who likes mystery anime, I’d say give it a watch. Not much going on yet, but it seems promising so far and has the potential to be great.


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