This week’s episode is great. Moe and Saikawa dives deeper into the mysteries surrounding Magata. Most of it this week is about Magata’s parents murder case, and of course more about Magata herself. The more we know, the more questions keeps popping up. Everything is complicated and complex, just the way a mystery anime should be.


I really like how they get straight away into more mysteries. The director’s wife is there too this time. What I don’t get is how strong the director’s wife is. Her husband is dead yet she can answer Moe’s question just fine. Such a strong woman, but like she said, she is trying to not remember her husband’s death and trying to take her mind of it. Moe being really unreasonable though, asking more questions as she answers. I felt that she is kinda heartless a bit, now is not the right time to ask such question. Moe should ask it at a later time, when things has come down a bit. She just can’t help it I guess.


I also like the part where the information keeps flooding in, yet it doesn’t feel like an info dump kinda way. As expected base on the info we know, it looks like Magata is definitely the one who killed her parents. Is it? Seems so, but I could be wrong. Unlike normal people, Magata has that multiple personality of her, so it gets really complex. My brain will hurt if I really try to solve this one, lol! I’m just gonna relax and let the show do all the revealing. I think it’s the best way to get more impact, and a good way to enjoy a show. Not like I don’t like guessing, it’s just sometimes you just don’t want to dive in into all this complexity.


Moe and Saikawa had quite an interesting discussion this week. The way Saikawa thinks just blows my mind sometimes. Such perspective, much wow. I’d definitely like to meet someone with such a mind like Saikawa. What interesting conversation we could have. This week, we get to know more about Moe, I just think she is too childish and immature most of the time. She has a good mind, just that she likes to rush things. Instead she should follow Saikawa and go slowly. She is somewhat jealous too about what Saikawa thinks about Magata. I get the idea the show is trying to do. The contrast between Moe and Saikawa is what makes the show interesting. So I’m actually fine with the way Moe is. I wonder if anything is going to change for both of them after this.


Overall, I think this is one of the best episode for the series so far. I bet it’s gonna get deeper pretty soon, or if it isn’t, I’d be disappointed. I have a feeling that when Saikawa returns back to the camp, that everyone might have been murdered. Just a hunch, but I really hope not, because that would be pretty scary.There is a boat coming to the island too, I bet the one who is killing everyone would want them to escape or call the cops yet. This is gonna get interesting 🙂


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