Now this is what I call a mystery anime. As the show goes on, it gets a lot more intriguing. Just when we know some answers to the mysteries surrounding this show, more questions pops up.


My prediction was totally wrong this time. So it turns out Magata Shiki is dead. Everyone seems to assume so, but my gut tells me she isn’t dead. Well lets just assume she is dead for now. I like that Moe is very interested in this case, but if I were her, I’d definitely get the fuck out of there right away. Even Saikawa sensei doesn’t want to get involve in it. They seems very shocked by the situation, but afterwards got their composure, and analyze the situation. Not much clues still but they are making a lot of good assumptions about who did all this. Yet none actually make sense at the moment.


Moe and Saikawa is definitely one smart cookie. It’s interesting when those two had some serious conversations with each other, especially the part where they try to solve the murder. One thing for sure is that the murderer is still in that room. But who is the one pulling all this strings? Seriously from episode 3 to 4, there is still no clues to who is actually the perpetrator. One person dead, and another one right after. Magata and now the Director. Both seems to have quite an interesting relationship with each other. One that I prefer not to talk about, lol!


What I like about the series so far is that the one who is doing all this killing didn’t really leave much evidence. I just think the guy or maybe girl is damn smart. So who could be this smart to make everything work? Whenever I ask myself that question, the only answer seems to be Magata Shiki. Just when we though it couldn’t get more mysterious, Magata Shiki has many personalities. Shit just got super deep guys, now it’s going to be hard to solve, lol! If it’s not Magata doing all this, the other suspect that I could think of is the one who killed Magata’s parents. That part is also pointing out to Magata at the moment. We definitely need more episodes to speculate this anime. Maybe the next episode would open the door for more discussions.


So far I think the show is good. Better than Sakurako for a mystery type anime for sure. One that focus on just one mystery, instead of many. I like that the title of the anime finally makes a lot of sense now. We’re dealing with the perfect murderer. Just how Moe and Saikawa is gonna solve this is going to be the interesting part I guess. I really don’t like the part where the other staff decided to take a rest, that kinda just pointed out that someone is gonna be murdered again. So far so good for the anime, I’m excited to know what they’ll find next. Considering we still have a lot of episodes still to go, this is definitely going to get confusing and a lot more interesting.


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