That opening song is always great! That’s my first thought when the episode starts. I was expecting Subete to have the same approach as Sakurako, but it turns out their take in a mystery anime seems very different.  It’s great for me, because it would be boring if both show is pretty similar, even the characters are completely different. Not much going on, but the ending of this episode end up with something pretty interesting at the end.


One thing that I like about this show is the characters. Moe, and sensei is interesting as ever, and even the side characters has a great personality of their own. I’ve to say Moe has the spotlight again this week. Young girl with a lot of talent, but not so much on the acting part sadly. As for sensei, his ways of thinking is always interesting, but lacks the presence I was looking for in the show. Maybe he’ll be more interesting when the real thing happens. I mean the part where the series gets more serious.


After Moe and sensei were able to get into the lab, I have a feeling something bad might actually happen. How the lab looked, and how it was setup, it actually reminds me of that Zero Escape: Virtue Last Reward game that I played on my Vita. I’m expecting some people to be murdered, and the main characters will be the one to solve it. Looks like this could be one of those murder game.


Magata looks to me like she could definitely be one of those genius who could murder anyone and gets away with everything. While I’m not so sure if she is actually gonna be the bad guy or not, it’s just what I thought when I saw her going out of her room. I’m not even sure if it’s a doll or a real human that actually came out. Looks like it’s a fake to me. I could be wrong, lol! Creepy! Very interesting, but such cliffhanger though.


I’m definitely expecting something interesting to happen in the next episode. Someone is probably going to die, and that’s when everything starts to get interesting. The way I see it, all of those staff members who were there on that trip is also going to be a part of this soon to come murderous game. It’s just my thoughts on what could happen next though, and what I’m expecting. Seems like their going that route, I’ve seen too much story to know where this is going. Looking forward to the next episode, have a nice day.


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