Street Fighter 6 Review – A Must-Play for Fans, Both Old and New

Street Fighter 6 Invites Fans of All Eras to Join the Fight. Why Street Fighter 6 is the Perfect Entry Point for Newcomers


Street Fighter is back, and it’s a remarkable return after the disappointing launch of SF5. Capcom has done an impressive job with Street Fighter 6, offering a substantial amount of content right from the start, with even more to come. Personally, I haven’t had this much fun playing a fighting game since the days of Street Fighter Alpha 2, 3rd Strike, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 and 3. This game might just reignite my passion for fighting games.

Street Fighter 6 offers a wide array of enjoyable game modes. The World Tour, Fighting Grounds, and Battle Hub modes each have distinct identities, but they complement each other perfectly. As a result, the game feels complete and caters to a wide range of players. It cleverly encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, as the skills you acquire in Fighting Grounds will greatly benefit you when facing other players.

World Tour mode is particularly enjoyable if you want to practice moves and combos, making it ideal for beginners as well. Admittedly, the fetch quests in World Tour can become repetitive, but if you’re solely interested in single-player gameplay, it’s not a major issue. You can actually play this mode indefinitely if you wish, although the story content lasts around 20 hours on average. Additionally, you can unlock the classic character costume 2 in this mode. While the story itself isn’t the strongest aspect, it is filled with numerous Easter eggs and pays tribute to Capcom’s classic Final Fight series in terms of world-building and development. If you’re a fan of Final Fight, I highly recommend playing World Tour to experience the story’s evolution from the original game. Furthermore, World Tour allows you to familiarize yourself with all the Street Fighter characters and provides a continuation of the previous game’s storyline. Arcade Mode also offers additional story elements.

Of course, the roster is a crucial factor in any fighting game. Fortunately, the initial lineup of Street Fighter 6 is not only diverse but also incredibly fun. The new characters seamlessly blend into the series, as if they have always been a part of it, while still bringing something fresh to the table. Some characters are more beginner-friendly, while others offer more complexity for experienced players.

The most impressive aspect, undoubtedly, is the main game itself, where you can engage in casual matches or competitive ranked battles. Moreover, your World Tour character can also compete against other players online in avatar battles, which adds a cool dynamic. However, it’s worth noting that the balance can be off if you face an opponent with a significantly different avatar level. Nonetheless, the game is enjoyable for both new and veteran players. It evokes the nostalgia of the old Street Fighter games I grew up with, and I’ve already logged 65 hours of playtime, which is rare for me when it comes to fighting games.

If you’re looking to delve into the world of fighting games, I wholeheartedly recommend Street Fighter 6. You can start with modern controls and gradually transition to classic controls if you’re aiming for a more serious experience. Alternatively, you can stick to modern controls if you prefer. Even top-ranked players predominantly use modern controls, although classic controls offer certain moves and deal 100% damage compared to 80% with modern controls. However, the modern controls provide easier combos and input, making them suitable for casual play.

To sum up, Street Fighter 6 is definitely worth a try if you’re interested in fighting games. It offers simplicity with modern controls and complexity with classic controls, catering to different preferences. It’s incredibly easy to pick up but challenging to master. Whether you’re a seasoned fighting game player or a casual Street Fighter fan who hasn’t played in years, Street Fighter 6 has something for you. Not only that, it provides enough reason for both sides to explore the other side’s offerings. It’s an exceptional package and arguably the best overall fighting game package ever created. Moreover, the fighting system itself is the most flexible, versatile, and expressive combat system in any Street Fighter game to date. Street Fighter 6 serves as a perfect entry point or a brilliant continuation of the series.

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