Steins;Gate Sequel Light Novel Announced, The Committee of Antimatter



A true sequel to Steins;Gate has finally been announced, in the form of a Light Novel named “The Committee of Antimatter”. The story follows the main character of the series Rintarou Okabe as he graduates college in 2016 in Akihabara. The Future Gadgets Laboratory has been industrialised and revealed to the public where they are now earning revenue. Though only Daru, Rintarou’s best friend and member of the Lab, receives an income whilst Rintarou earns money from detective cases. One day, Nae Tennouji the building owner’s daughter requests Rintarou to investigate his father who is acting strange. He begins to have flashbacks of his experiences travelling through the different timelines, but to make things worse the sudden appearance of Suzuha Amane, who should not exist in the timeline, appears.


The story is written by Choshirou Miwa, who also wrote the Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Anderlingen novels that were based on the Hiyoku Renri no Darling video game. The novel will feature illustrations from Tadasu Yoshida who drew the new mature designs of the characters, which have been released below.







It seems the author will not be the original scenario author Hayashi Naotaka, but instead it will be written by Miwa Choushiro. Naotaka will oversee the scenario of the novel, and production planning will be done by Chiyomaru Shikura, a man who is very involved with the Science Adventure Series in general. Art will be by Yoshida Tadasu, an artist many of you will be familiar with (Braun manga, Epigraph Trilogy Manga). Wonder why Huke isn’t doing the art.. I’m super excited to read this. How excited are you about this announcement? El Psy Congroo


  1. Wow, loving the new character designs. Never heard of the artist, though. Hopefully, an anime adaption or OVA series will be announced within a couple of years, if the novels get to a point where that is feasible.

    • I love it too, but I heard most would prefer if it’s from the original anime by Huke. I don’t see a lot of difference so i’m good. I hope it comes out as soon as possible.

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