Alright, this one’s one of my favorites. Craft Lawrence (yeah, I know…what a name) is a traveling merchant who one day finds girl sleeping in his cart. He finds out that this girl is actually actually a local god of the harvest, named Holo. Holo is a wolf god, having wolf ears and a tail when in her human form. The story follows the two as they journey north to Holo’s home, called Yoitsu. This series is a refreshing change of pace for anyone tired of the standard action style of anime. Instead, this story has more of an economic focus, but it isn’t at all overbearing, and also touches on the role of the church in the older setting. On the downside, the money system is talked about a lot and can be confusing, but it definitely isn’t essential to know.

Story: Score 10/10

Lawrence and Holo are simply hilarious and entertaining to watch. There are other side characters that join in, like Nora the sheepherder and Chloe from the village where Lawrence finds Holo, but much of the focus is on the two leads. Watching Holo go from trolling Lawrence to showing off her talent at helping Lawrence with his job as a merchant was sheer bliss for me. Also, throughout this series, Lawrence remains simply human. He struggles with his feelings for Holo and he has his ups and downs as a merchant (although his downs can be pretty far down). Although the two obviously have feelings for each other, the romance is by no means the center of attention. Instead, it becomes a unique sort of slice-of-life in a different setting than you would normally expect.

Characters: Score 9/10

Animation for this show was quite stunning, really bringing out that olde tyme feel. Not much action occurs, but what little is shown still looks amazing, such as Holo’s wolf transformation. The music for this show was also great, fitting the setting and the scenes. The opening and ending are also great, although I have a preference for the ending theme.

Animation: Score 8/10

Music: Score 9/10

In all, if you prefer the action style of anime that you get from mainstream, then you may not enjoy this because it’s primarily dialogue. However, if you’re not that huge of a fan or if you’re just trying to take a bit of a break waiting for the next Naruto to come out, then give this one a shot. It’s available in English or Japanese dubs for your pleasure (although it’s clear which one I’d prefer). This is one of those few series that has a second season that doesn’t suck. It actually does a good job of continuing the series.

Final Score: 9/10

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