Slowpoke Gets His Own Reggae Song


Embrace the power of Slowpoke! Slowpoke has taken a break from lazing on Seafoam Islands to record a reggae song, which has been released by Nintendo alongside a quite hypnotic, unsettling but catchy music video. The song is totally official and named Donai Yanen Yadon, roughly translating as How You’re A Slowpoke After All. An array of wince-inducing Poké gags fill the lyrics, including the lines “Your big mouth is always open like a convenience store” and “Is it something to be proud of that you move so slowly that you never blur photos?” slowpoke

The visuals meanwhile see a host of Slowpokes slowly marching around the screen and occasionally stopping to stare deep into your soul. Personally I really like the song, because it resembles Slowpoke perfectly. In Japanese, Slowpoke’s name is “Yadon” (ヤドン). I am really a big Pokemon fan but not so big to actually bother with competitive battle in the Pokemon game. I really like Pokemon because of my childhood, just brings back all those nostalgia..really. What’s your thought on this song? Do you like Pokemon? slowpoke2


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