Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode 5-6


Sorry for being really late, things happened in life and I’ve just been really busy lately. It’s not like I don’t like this show or anything, it’s still is one of my most favorite this season. Things are progressing really well for the series and I really wish they just aired everything right away so I could just watch it all at once. While I was expecting some drama for a while now, it has yet to really happen. Most of it is still about Yakumo as he tries his best to find his form in rakugo. Romance in between, but not much progress as of yet.


Finally Yakumo has his own performance on the big stage, and he has never felt so alive in his life. He was definitely happy, and once he was on the stage, he was definitely a different person all together. Episode 6 was really good at showing how he found what his rakugo is. For who his rakugo was for and what not. So in the end it was for himself. Definitely Yakumo. The sad thing is I was hoping his rakugo would be for Miyokichi or something, but of course that’s basically impossible.


Sukeroku is soo good at rakugo though. He doesn’t even need to practice or do much to be good. Everything comes natural for him, I guess. Yakumo was so jealous though, but at the same time thankful for Sukeroku. If he has taken Sukeroku advice from the start, he would have found his rakugo for a long time already. Good thing he found a reason for doing rakugo now. Yakumo’s performance is actually more magnificent than Sukeroku’s. Both are really good at what they do, but their rakugo genre is really different.


Lets talk about Miyokichi. I like how fashionable she is. But the biggest surprise for me is when she didn’t even wear any make-up. She is so beautiful, I was taken aback. I really love a beautiful girl who doesn’t need make-up to look nice. Natural beauty. I’m really sad for Miyokichi though. She is so into Yakumo but yet he didn’t really show much love for her. I bet episode 7 is all about Miyokichi’s breakdown or some sort. I bet many man would have treated Miyokichi so nice though. It’s kinda weird why Yakumo can’t be more passionate about love, just like back then when he likes that cute girl. So in the end I guess he really didn’t end up with any girl? Because it would be a surprise if he actually had one.


Let the drama starts next week! I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a lot about love, or not I’ll be really disappointed. Just how things will turn up I’m not sure, but the result is already clear anyway. It’s going to be good still, I can’t wait. The show is still as good as ever, animation wise still freaking awesome, and the story really makes it nice to watch with the element of rakugo and those traditional soundtracks. Now we just need to missing piece, some drama! Looking forward to it, and thanks for reading.


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