Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode 4


I sense disturbance in the bromance. As always another good episode. I like how traditional this episode was, a bunch of Japanese culture all around, as well as some clash of culture from the west. There is bromance as well as romance this week. We know a lot more about Miyokichi as well. Things are getting interesting, and a lot of development is going on, but I think in the next 2 episode or so, we might get some drama soon. As always the animation is really well done, and all those traditional OST’s makes this show so good to watch.


I always like when Yakumo and Sukeroku talks together. They are really good buddies. The contrast in personality is what makes it dynamic and interesting. While I’m not sure how long the bromance will last, but it does feel that Miyokichi will change things up in the next few episodes. It seems Sukeroku has a liking for Miyokichi, but the Master wants her to pair up with Yakumo. Yakumo doesn’t look that interested, but Miyokichi is so beautiful and flirty, I think Yakumo has already fallen for her by force.


It’s kinda disturbing to see Yakumo and Miyokichi together though. I thought she is suppose to be with Sukeroku? Just how will things change, I wonder. Although I think we know the outcome already, the development is what makes it worth the watch, yes? This should be really good. I like that the rakugo is still a thing in the show too. They still managed to include a single rakugo play in each episode, and it was pretty entertaining to watch. I’m just glad the rakugo wasn’t that long, because you know if it’s too long, it’ll definitely bore me a bit.


I really like this Miyokichi girl, although I know a lot probably doesn’t like her. Seems a little too flirty, but I think she is just doing what the Master of the rakugo ask her to do? She is a geisha after all. Base on the preview, looks like some drama is happening already. A fight between Yakumo and Sukeroku maybe? Well that’s gonna be interesting. I think Yakumo and Miyokichi is probably gonna have some trouble of their own too. Miyokichi looks kinda down, because of Yakumo’s treatment to her maybe, bet it’s time for Sukeroku to shine. This gonna be good, can’t wait for the next episode. Thanks for reading guys.


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