Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode 3


I really enjoyed the story of Yakumo’s past this week. It has a beginning and a happy ending. Although it’s not over yet, it was a nice way to wrap up this episode. We know more about Yakumo and his love life, as well as the history of rakugo. The decline of such art, and also the rise of it. This episode is definitely the best so far for me, and I’m sure there’s an even better one to come soon. We keep seeing only about the guys, it was kinda refreshing that there is actually more girls this time.


More about Yakumo this week. I like that they touched a bit about love this week. It was very sweet, but man I feel sorry for Yakumo. That kawaii girl that he loves, I wonder if we will ever see her again. I’m so sad about that kawaii girl, I feel a bit dead inside. She did say this might be goodbye though. MIGHT! So I shall ship them even if it seems impossible. That other pretty girl that seems to like Yakumo wasn’t bad either. I would totally marry her already, but Yakumo wasn’t interest about love anymore after what happened to that cute girl. Poor beautiful girl. What a sad love story. 2 girls, and both of them might never appear again. I was sad about that.


The war starts, and both Yakumo and Sukeroku were separated. Damn war! If there wasn’t one, that kawaii girl could have been together with Yakumo. But enough about that. Sukeroku and his rakugo master joined the military while Yakumo and the master’s wife lived somewhere safe outside Tokyo. While being separated, Yakumo love for rakugo increases and basically changed his life. He started practicing everyday while waiting for good news from Sukeroku and the master. He even does rakugo on a small scale. That part where Sukeroku returns was really touching and was what makes this episode so good for me. Despite rakugo being dead during the war, it was revived when the war was over. The storytelling was really good. Although it was short it has everything, they could even make a long version of it actually if they want to.


Overall really enjoyed this episode. Some love story, a little bit of rakugo and a lot about Yakumo and his past. I’m a bit depress about that kawaii girl and the other girl though, as you already know. At least they are showing us another girl next week, and this one is gonna be the real deal. I think I’ve never talk about the opening song of this show before. Just thought that I have to mention that the singer has a sexy voice. Next week’s episode is going to be an interesting one, can’t wait for that.


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