Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode 2


This anime is really good. Without a doubt this show, and Boku dake ga Inai Machi tops the other anime this season for now. That jazzy background music is really good, and the contrast in character this week is what I like the most about this episode. The show continues from last week where Yakumo tells the story of his past with Sukeroku. It’s really good to know how both of them first started in the art of rakugo. The pacing is sorta similar to the 1st episode, and it’s still unique and refreshing to watch.


The story of Yakumo’s past is really interesting. It was really good because Sukeroku was around though. Sukeroku is so lively, it made the show really fun to watch. Such confidense and determination, it definitely reminds me of Yatorou, although Sukeroku is a lot more interesting and wiser if you compared those two. Yakumo on the other hand is really a sad fellow when he was young, good thing Sukeroku is there to make his life a lot more interesting. Sukeroku’s daughter thought Yakumo was the one behind Sukeroku’s death, but I really can’t see that ever happening. Just look at Yakumo before and now, a totally different guy, all thanks to Sukeroku. I bet he even admires him, but their rakugo style is what sets them both apart.


The contrast between them is really good, and I really like them both. That first encounter between them was really an interesting one, and that public bath scene was really good as well, if not a little touching. Sukeroku really acts like Yakumo’s big brother though, I kinda like that part. The part about them growing up is a bit too fast, but the pacing is just right in my opinion. The rakugo part is still what makes this show interesting. While Yakumo’s performance isn’t really that bad, but his attitude makes his performance a really boring one to watch. Sukeroku’s first performance on the other hand was really entertaining to watch, just what we need right after Yakumo’s boring rakugo.


The show this time is only 24 minutes long, but the rakugo makes it feel like it’s another 50 minutes watch for me. Another great episode, and i’m impressed again. I really like the jazzy ending song, it was nice to listen to. Animation wise it’s still pretty much the same quality as the first episode, so I’m please with that too. I’m thinking if Yakumo is going to continue about his past story, and the preview tell us yes. Looks like there might be some drama soon, probably. Looking forward for the next episode. Thanks for reading guys.


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