Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode 8


This episode is actually pretty sad. It’s romantic in someways but really really sad. There is some surprise as well, pretty interesting and intriguing too. It’s still as slow as the previous episode, and the arc kinda ended this week. I was a bit disappointed about it, but knowing that the story about Sakurako is still going on and pretty much connected to this episode actually doesn’t make it that bad, to be honest. The closure as well is pretty nice and surprising.


At first I thought this arc was going to be kinda boring. It’s slow paced till the end, but had some good moments. The past about them are really interesting, Natsuko, Sasaki as well as Sayuki. Such a complicated relationship though. What’s make it sadder is that all of them has already passed away except for Sayuki. I just somehow put myself into her state, all your family members and loved one already died except for you. Man it’s kinda sad, but seeing how Sayuki managed to tell her stories and all that, she is really strong. I think I’d be sadden to even remember all of this, but I guess that’s what she wanted. Remembering the past can nice at times, but for Sayuki, I guess it’s more of a sad story than a happy one.


I find Sasaki pretty creepy, to keep the bones of Natsuko close to her. But Sakurako explained it nicely to why he does it. To think people could think that way, and live like how Sasaki lived. He seems happy despite not being together with Natsuko for real. Natsuko bones is enough for him. Also the part that he found out that Natsuko might actually be his half-sibling, makes it sad. It was also kinda surprising to know that Sakurako is Sasaki’s student. That part was nice, as well as the part where Sayuki turned younger, that was surprising too. Everything was nicely done, I liked the closure.


As I thought this episode couldn’t get any sadder. They have to reveal that Sakurako actually had 2 cats, and to know both were poisoned makes it even sadder. It’s nice to see Shoutarou actually have her own observation skills in check. So the next episode is probably them finding out about who actually poisoned the cat. It seems to relate a lot about her past, and it could even be connected to that shady guy too. I just think the shady guy might actually be Sakurako’s fiance. Just how is everything related and connected, I’m not so sure, but I’m interested to know more about this story. Looking forward to the next episode, thanks for reading.


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