This episode turns out surprisingly good. The start for episode 4 was kinda a bit shaky, but everything turned out quite well in this episode. Unlike the previous episode where we basically didn’t know what actually happened to all the victims(like Li-chan), this new case actually had a proper ending, and they kinda wrap it all up after the credits. We also get to know more about Li-chan as well, about what happened to her after that tragedy. It’s good that they didn’t left much hanging.


I like how they get down right away to what actually caused all this problem for Fujioka. It was explained pretty well to why the painting was toxic. At first I was like what the fuck? But it actually make sense, although I don’t know some of the term she told us, lol! A cancerous painting, oh my god, I just hope no one actually tries this kind of stuff to make others suffer.


Sakurako-san is just awesome though. The part where she never let her guard down was great. Her hunch seems to always be real, and her ways of analyzing stuff is just awesome. Despite solving the so called ‘curse’ things still kinda felt a bit off. Fujioka is still acting weird, and I’m sure everyone noticed that too. So in the end he tried to kill himself.


The reasoning was actually valid. Fujioka had financial problems because of his invest, and they are basically broke. For someone who actually is having some mental problems, it’s kinda logical why she is doing all this, although it’s kinda stupid. It was all because of that shady guy who dressed in black. Just who is he, we don’t really know. I bet he will appear again in the near future, probably looking for some revenge because his plans was interrupted by Sakurako.


I really like how the ending is. It was kinda touching at some point, but Fujioka’s wife is just great. I need to find a waifu that is as positive as her. 🙂 The ending after the credit was great. A proper conclusion to wrap everything up to what looks like the first part of the series. Maybe now they’ll get down to the corpse that is buried under Sakurako’s feet? I look forward to what’s next. Thanks for reading guys.


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