Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode 12


Honestly I didn’t expect this show to end with a teaser of a possible 2nd season. I thought this show was going to be a 12 episode thing, where everything ends after that. Turns out there might be more of it in the future. The ending is good if there is actually a 2nd season, but if there isn’t one, I think it’s pretty disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend anyone watching this I guess, not until there is a 2nd season at least. It wasn’t a bad show in general, just that I kinda wish they would delve deeper about the main characters. Only in this episode do we see them actually achieving something that makes a lot of significant. It’s always about the mini arcs. Even in the final episode there is still more of it. The one who is directing this is sure daring. The final episode which actually turns out to be the introduction episode, most of it at least this week.


So with Sakurako-san severing her ties with Shoutarou, we wonder what’s going to happen next. Turns out most of this episode was actually like an introduction episode, where they told us about Shoutarou’s first encounter with Sakurako. I have mix feelings about the ending in general. It’s good but also bad that they decided to let us know about their first meeting in the final episode. I was hoping they would actually get the maniac Hanabusa in custody or something, but that’s for another season. The most disappointing part for me has to be that there isn’t anything about little Soutarou at all. I kinda wish they would at least talk about it a bit, to get us excited, but they didn’t. 🙁


Despite all that negativity, I think it’s nice to see that Sakurako and Shoutarou are actually back together. They argued a little as always, but Shoutarou managed to convince Sakurako with her own words. They teased us about Hanabusa too a bit, as if there might be a 2nd season. Lets just hope there is one, because it would definitely be terrible if they left this show hanging like this. It kinda reminds me of Gangsta a bit from last season, where they just decides to end the show, without having a proper closure. This series at least has some closure, but left me wanting for season 2. It’s not gonna go well in my opinion, some love it, some would definitely hate this approach. What would be nice if they actually announced season 2 at the end, that would actually make things better for me.


Overall I think the show was alright. The animation is gorgeous, the soundtrack is pretty good, and Sakurako is just beautiful but with a unique personality. Oh and there is Yuriko too, which is a nice addition to the show for me. The cons about this show though is how annoying Shoutarou can be at times, as well as the show having too many mini arcs for me. Some of the longer mini arcs are good, but some just felt like filler for me. It would have been nicer if it was actually longer than 12 episodes though. The way they end the show wasn’t that good, the main plot is still left hanging, and a lot of mysteries is still unsolved. Lets just hope there is a 2nd season soon. I’d like to give this show a good score, but since they kinda end it like that, I’d give it a 6/10. If there were a 2nd season, I’d probably give this show an 8 or so. Well that covers every series that I plan to blog this season, look forward to something new next season. Thanks for reading.



  1. While I’m glad that the two didn’t stay separated forever, I highly doubt that Shoutarou will accept her decision anyways.

    Aside from that, while the development was interesting, some of the mysteries felt underwhelming and did not maintain the hype of the first few episodes. Wouldn’t mind a second season to see if they manage to capture Hanabusa in the end.

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