A very interesting episode. As expected Araragi meets Oikura this week. It was pretty tense and crazy, I like it. So we are basically gonna know more about Araragi’s past again. Last week was about Araragi’s past that dates back 2 years ago, and this week it’s about his past back in middle school. More Ougi, Oikura and a little bit of my favorite girl Senjougahara. Not a bad episode overall.


Lets get to the point shall we? That Oikura girl, is just crazy. I’m not so sure why she detest Araragi so much, but there has to be a reason behind all this right? I was thinking she would be more bitchy like, but she is more than that, lol! It’s like she is one of those psycho type. I really don’t know what her problem is to be honest. This type of people, is definitely the type that you should avoid in real life. Someone who only lives in the past and could never move on. Oikura definitely has issues.


I like that Senjougahara showed up and punched Oikura. It was the best thing about the show. I feel like punching her too, so Senjougahara did a huge favor for me, lol! What’s Oikura’s problem really? Poking someone’s hand with a mechanical pencil and all that. It all gets interesting when Senjougahara declared war against Oikura. As if poking someone wasn’t enough, she had to slap Hitagi too? Really? This girl really needs to die! No one slaps my best girl!


I also like how cute Hanekawa was, holding Hitagi as tight as possible. But I bet no one wouldn’t be enraged with what Oikura just did there. Good thing Hitagi was smart, and starts pretending that she fainted, that’s actually a good cover-up. I wish they showed more of what happened after that, but I guess we will find that out next week.


As for Ougi and Araragi, looks like she is assisting him again to find out what actually happened to Araragi. No much about their investigation yet, but they’re getting somewhere. As expected that crazy Oikura girl is also in the same school as Araragi back in the past. I think we’ll find out why she detest Araragi so much, once this is finally solved. Question is if it’s legit enough to hate him that much. That girl should just move one, seriously. What a waste of time to live such a life. Oh, and then there was that Splatoon and Powerpuff Girls reference, if you haven’t notice. Inkling and Professor Utonium. That was a nice reference.


I like this part better than the first episode. Maybe because it was more interesting? Or maybe is it because there is more Hitagi this time? 😉 Well it could have been more awesome if it’s another 1 hour episode, maaaan! I’m liking Owarimonogatari so far, but I really hope there won’t be a lot of Oikura next time. I really don’t like her, I wonder if there is someone who actually does though. Well thanks for reading as always, later guys.


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