Ore Monogatari!! Episode 9


Awesome episode! It started pretty great with Yamato and Takeo going on a date. Damn just holding the ball with his bare hands, it’s amazing. I remember Suna said his fingers doesn’t fit inside the bowling ball hole lol! He can even juggle the bowling ball..oh mai. Yamato is super cute this week, she doesn’t stop smiling at all. That surprise at the sweets store is really nice. I didn’t think Takeo could pull that off. Yamato surprise face! OMG! Kawaii desu ne!


I do not like that part where Takeo can’t stop mentioning Suna’s name though. But knowing Takeo I guess it’s very natural of him to be honest and all. I was hoping it’s all going to be a happy fun time moment, there is also some sad moments. I thought Yamato was crying because he left her there. Turns out she was touched about Takeo and Suna’s situation, as well as that thoughtful schedule they made for Yamato’s birthday. She can tell that Takeo was really looking forward to it and prepared very well for her birthday, yet couldn’t do it all with her, to help Suna.


I actually shed some manly tears in this episode. It was really sweet and touching. Suna finally told Takeo how he feel and what actually happened was a surprise. It was the right decision for Takeo to go there and console Suna in every way that is possible. Such great moment. I’m glad it didn’t end in some tragic loss. That poor surgeon though lol! I’m quite surprise to see Yamato there too, it was actually the part where I shed some manly tears, when she cried happily. Ai was there too <34

Hahaha! That part where they talk about Suna’s favourite type of girl. I guess Suna really don’t wanna have one. Too complicated for him. Both Takeo and Suna are really something, you can see why they are best friends. Each other seems to help one another in some sort of ways. No wonder Suna reject every single one who talks bad about Takeo. I now truly understand how Suna’s feel for Takeo. Such great episode with one of the best ending. This anime is the best. When the show ends, it just makes me wanna watch it again and that ending song, I always end up listening to the full version of the ending song every time I finish watching the show. That is all for this week, thanks for reading as always.


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