Ore Monogatari!! Episode 4


That’s the best episode so far. So much drama, a little bit of action and emotion in just one episode. It’s really awesome. Rinko is the cutest thing, isn’t she. I like when she appears out of nowhere at the start, and how honest and direct she is. That would be the girl of my dream, I really like cute girls rather than beautiful ones. Because… I could look at a cute girl all day, can’t say the same with beautiful ones. It’s really rare to find a good looking girl that I really like, rather than cute ones.


The meetup is really great. We get to know a bit more of Takeo’s friends that isn’t Suna and Rinko’s as well. Suna is best bro for Takeo, while Takeo is best bro for all of his guy friends. As we all expected something is going to happen in a bad way. Turns out it’s not bad at all. Takeo has a heart made of steel which could only be melt by Rinko’s cuteness. :3


I don’t get the part where he has to die like a hero though. That would be so heartbreaking if it actually happens. Don’t you think Rinko will be sad forever if you are gone Takeo! Suna seems to know what Takeo is thinking most of the time, and he somehow saved Takeo by just making a phone call. I’m sure that voice of Rinko at the back helps a lot as well. Suna is so sweet as well saying life would be boring without him.


In the end it end up pretty good. I’m glad Rinko’s friend understands her feelings. That part where Rinko said “Don’t steal him for me!”, I lol’ed. It’s so cute. So far the best show this season for me. It’s the only series this season which I watch more than once. First watching it normally, and the 2nd time watching it while writing this post. Whenever you see me posting stuff this long, you should know that I like that particular episode very much. I hope you enjoying this series as much as I do. I really can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for reading.


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