Man that was really good. The finale was awesome. Things happened last week, and I bet many was really worried what actually might have happened. I’m definitely worried too, but like I’ve said last week, I’ll bet on Yamato’s unwavering love for Takeo. Real question is, if we should actually even be worried about it in the first place. Unsettling I know, they did a great job at that to pull of a great finale. I’m really happy how it turned out in the end, and I could easily say that this anime is definitely somewhere in my favorite anime of all time list.


That feel at the beginning, damn. I thought after a week of it having a break, that we might feel less about what actually happened, but we kinda picked up with it right away. Good thing that comedy part after that makes us worry less. Also the part where Yamato called Takeo was actually really settling. But just when I was about to smile for a bit, things came up and makes it gloomy again. Ichinose definitely needs a beating for playing with my feelings. Good thing is right after that, Nanako actually lifts Takeo’s confidences, after they had fun at the bowling alley. Takeo isn’t going down without a fight!


Man, Takeo is a true man. The greatest, definitely. To think he would cheer his rival and even help him at the end. It is definitely something that I would never do, I bet not many will anyway, lol! Ichinose definitely made a few move himself and tries to win Yamato’s heart, but in the Yamato was dense as ever. Good thing is when that happened, and even before that, you could already see the outcome that will happen in the end. But still, it’s not confirmed, so we are kind scared that something bad might just happened.


This episode was definitely a roller coaster ride, in the feeling department that is. But some part was definitely predictable, like the part where you know Ichinose is definitely going to win the gold medal and confess in the end, just the part that Yamato will accept it or not is kinda just the unsettling part. Despite that I think everyone kinda already believe that Ichinose is definitely never going to win the battle in the end. As expected Yamato declined, and told him that her heart belongs to Takeo. Damn, right after that, feels! Too much feels! Such great moment! I love it. Damn right! Yamato’s unwavering love for Takeo will never fade, not even for a bit. Take that Ichinose, kill yourself! lol! Good thing is that Ichinose is very mature though, I didn’t expect that he would accept things just like that. Good thing he did, because it was definitely a lost cause.


What a great series. That part when Takeo hugged her and called her first name was great. Was expecting for it to last a bit longer, but things turned out awkward in the end, lol! I like how they conclude the series really well in the end. They showed pretty much all the things that needed to be shown to conclude the series. I’m really happy for it, even though it was short, they did it well. Not only did everything go well, they kinda still does the comedy part really well. Surprising how they can include all of those funny moments even during the time where it was really serious. Such balance.


This show is the greatest. I really haven’t seen a show that is as good as this one for a while now. Yeah I do watch a ton of anime, but this gem is definitely one in a million. For those who watched it at the beginning and thought it was just gonna be a normal shoujo and decided to put it on-hold and drop it, I feel sorry for them, they are definitely missing out. Also those who look at the anime poster and thought it was going to be meh, just because a gorillaman was in the poster, lol! Never judge a book by its cover. As you can already tell, this anime is kinda like one of my favorite, so what score do you think I’d give? Well definitely a perfect 10 for me. Hard to not give something as good as this a perfect 10/10. From being fuwa fuwa and cute, to romance as well as having a great humor, this show is the best. I hope you like it as much as I do, because if you don’t, I’d definitely be sad. As always guys, thanks for reading and sticking around from the start for 2 seasons. Hope to see you guys again next season. Have a nice day.


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