Ore Monogatari!! Episode 23


Wow this episode. I really don’t know what to say. It’s really late in the series just when everything is about to end as well. So something kinda happened this week, and it’s not a good one. A late drama in the series, and one that I think you should actually hold out for, for the last episode to come out, before seeing it if you are patient that is. This episode is definitely the most profound and troubling dilemma yet to face our lovely couple, and I wonder how it’s gonna end.


I know the moment that Ichinose pops up before the opening song, that he is going to be causing trouble. Knowing Yamato, you know that she is so into cake that one day she might just open a cake shop. Well this time she works at one, but as a cashier and promoter or some sort. You know something bad is going to happen when Ichinose talks to much with Yamato. And yeah, it’s pretty bad 🙁


Ichinose got fond of Yamato in the end, and he was definitely in love with her. Yamato is always the cheerful and positive type, and that is what attracts Ichinose about her. You really can’t blame Yamato for acting nice and all, that’s just her, but this is usually what happens in every shoujo. Before you know it, it’s too late, as someone else has already fallen in love because of that kindness. Ichinose’s personality definitely changed because of Yamato, not for the better for us, but definitely better for himself.


This Ichinose guy definitely have some balls. Barging at Takeo and asking him to break up with Yamato. I feel like punching this guy to the face. I bet most people would punch this guy as well, if it ever happens in real life. Such determination and selfishness though. You think a relationship could be built just because of cakes? Well sure, it would work out because they have common interest, but I don’t think Yamato ever likes Ichinose that way. Plus you think she would have a liking to him that fast? No way man.


I don’t find this much of a problem on Yamato’s part, but the troubling part is how Takeo feel. He is so negative about everything that, he might just break up because of it. Like Ai mentioned, Takeo sometimes puts other people’s feelings before his own, so that’s what is worrying me most at the moment. I just hope Suna and Ai will save the day. This is Suna’s chance to prove us that he is the best wingman in anime history, lol! I don’t see any other way, I doubt Takeo could solve this alone without Suna or maybe Ai. I just hope he will go to Suna’s place for some advice, and that will definitely clear up most of the problem.


I’m being positive here. I doubt Yamato has any feelings towards Ichinose, so nothing will go that far from just working together. I’m also rooting for Yamato and her unwavering love for Takeo. This series could turn into a disaster if the couple breaks up. Everyone on the internet is freaking out, but like I’ve said, I’m positive about this. Yamato didn’t show any interest in Ichinose, but only in her passion for cakes. So yeah lets leave it with that. To think we have to wait one extra week to watch the final episode. Yeah that’s right, there won’t be any Ore Monogatari next week. They delayed it for some reason. At this rate I might just have to have a peek at the manga, if I’m inpatient, lol! Well what a great episode overall, not one that we like for sure, but one that makes the series interesting at least. Tell me what you think about this episode, show me your love for Takeo x Yamato. Thanks for reading.


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