Ore Monogatari!! Episode 22


Yet another good episode. Takeo and the gang is going to the zoo this week. Well it’s not about the zoo that what makes it good though. It had some feels in it, and I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad about this episode, there is like a mix between both of them. Unexpected and definitely not the usual for the series.


Amami is too shy in my opinion, but I think it’s pretty normal for a girl to be this shy. But that’s kinda a turn off for me, because she is too shy. If it was moderate, that’s kinda fine though. I like her reactions though. In the end she has the courage to talk to Sunakawa. Although they didn’t talk much, but I think it’s a huge progress. Amami is pretty smart as well. To think that they would hold hands and all, but not because they have the same feelings for each other though 🙁


I really thought Sunakawa likes her though. I guess it’s true that he was being nice to her, but they don’t have the same feelings for each other. That’s where the sad part starts. Why you do this Suna? 🙁 I kinda feel that both of them would work fine. Both seems to like reading, and both are really a nice person. I’m really not sure why Suna never gives anyone a chance though. I guess it’s either just not the time yet, or he just can’t seems to love anyone else. It’s sad.


Looks like Suna might never have a girlfriend in the end. At least Suna repaid back for all the chocolate she gave. I was really expecting Suna to like her too, but that didn’t happen. Although it’s obvious that he is going to turn her down and all, I was hoping for a miracle. Miracles kinda happened in this series a lot, so yeah. Really sad though. Though I felt that she got a consolation prize at least. I know Amami is sad and all, but it’s nice to see that she reacts more positive then I thought she would be.


Oh man, that’s kinda unexpected. Things that we thought usually happened, kinda does happen, but not this time I guess. Stay strong Amami. I’m really not sure if we will see her again, but I bet there won’t be anymore love stories from her with Sunakawa. 2 more episodes left before this awesome series ends. Not sure what they have in store for us, but I’m sure they won’t disappoint us. There are always surprises and amazing moments in the series, I know they will deliver. Thanks as always for reading. Leave a comment below of how you feel about this episode.



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