As always, another great episode for Ore Mono. Just 1 minute in the anime, and it’s already fuwa fuwa. This week’s episode talks about the girl we saw last week, who apparently likes Sunakawa. She has a very interesting personality, I give you that, which makes it all the more interesting for the series.


Just like I said, just 1 minute in, and it’s already so good. So it’s White Day and Takeo returned the favor to Yamato. Didn’t think Takeo would make some cookies of his own. I bet it took him a while to make those, trial and error and everything. Yamato’s response is just too kawaii! Right in the kokoro! Not much Yamato this week, but that’s ok.


The girl who likes Suna is very interesting. Amami Yukika is her name. I didn’t expect her to have such a personality though, she is cute and very girly, but that stalking part, and when she is being totally honest is a bit of a turn off. She has a very unique personality of being really direct, which is nice. Nonetheless, it makes this a lot more fun this way. To love someone for 10 years, and just looking at a far, must have been really hard for her. I like how honest she is.


How this two will fit together, I really don’t know. It’s nice to see Suna being a bit open about getting a relationship now. Maybe she finds Amami a bit unique than the other girls. I have a feeling that he might accept her, when she confessed. But nice move by Amami, giving him time to think about it and stuff. I really didn’t expect her to say it so soon though. Takeo is best, the push he gave Amami really helped her a lot.


Suna looks interested in Amami though. He looks back at all the love letters, as well as saying he want to go out with her. Or, it could be that he doesn’t want to disappoint Takeo and his effort to help her. Either way, I think he will go on with this one, and venture forth. I just hope nothing sad happens between them, and I totally want the best bro to have a girlfriend too. Looking forward to next week, have a nice day guys.


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