This week’s episode is all about chocolate, that’s because it’s finally Valentine’s Day in Ore Monogatari. I’ve to say the episode was alright overall, nothing that spectacular like some of the previous episode, but it had its moments. Some of part I like was the teaser at the end which involves Suna, and of course the always cute Yamato which never stops smiling.


The episode starts with the little baby Takeo. Her name is Maki. Hope she is as beautiful as Maki from Love Live, when she grows up. I like how Maki responds when Takeo talks to her, it’s pretty cute. She is a bit too chubby though, but that’s normal for most babies. I wonder if we will ever see her all grown up.


So it’s all about chocolate this week, and Takeo is overly excited about it. He definitely can’t contain his excitement though. The only thing he could think is chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Yamato and friends are baking chocolate together, and Takeo invited his friends again. I really do not like Takeo’s friend being all desperate during Valentine’s day. I know how they feel and all, but they really need to consider about Takeo as well.


The next day, it’s no surprise that Suna got a lot of chocolate during Valentine’s Day. We also got a hint that Suna might have his own love story when Takeo, and him talk a little bit about love on the way to class. I really ship Suna and Saijou, but it looks like it’s someone else. That teaser at the end though, grey haired girl. OMG! FINALLY! Please let it be real, and I really hope he doesn’t turn her down and stuff. HYPE! This gonna be good!


As for the chocolate thing, everyone got their own chocolate, even Takeo’s friend. Good for them really, and it looks like some of them might actually date some of Yamato’s friends as well in the future. But seeing how desperate all of them are, it might not work out very well, lol! I like how Takeo was disappointed that he didn’t get any chocolate though, he did get some, but he just didn’t realize it. That surprise chocolate for Takeo from Yamato though in front of his house. It’s so freaking big, really special chocolate indeed, looks freaking expensive as well. That flying kiss at the end, lol!


That grey haired girl at the end though! Sunaaaaa! Please let the best bro get a girlfriend as well. I’d be really sad if he doesn’t get one by the end of this series. They really didn’t reveal her face though, but she already looks promising, as in pretty from the back. I can’t wait for them to start that part. Please happen next week! As you can see, I’m pretty excited about the potential of Suna having a girlfriend as well, it seems possible, but the only thing that might get in the way is Suna himself, which could be part of the problem. We shall see how this will go. Thanks for reading guys.


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