As always another great episode for Ore Monogatari. It was a moving episode, and of course lots of funny moment as always. This week was all about Takeo’s mom, and a side of Takeo we have never seen before. The first of the show was pretty funny, while the other half was kinda a serious moment. Nice contrast in my opinion.


I thought Takeo’s mom wasn’t really pregnant, and it was something that Takeo misunderstood, lol! So it was actually real, Takeo is gonna have a little brother or sister soon. It’s nice for a change to hear about his mom. Very thoughtful mom and protective of others. I like the talk between her and Yamato, it was really nice, and that Lion King moment, lol! Everyone was really helpful for Takeo’s mom, as it’s almost time for the baby’s delivery.


It was really fun for the first half of the show. Yamato and Takeo exchanging their baby pictures and all. Yamato was really cute when she was a baby, as for Takeo he will always be Takeo, big and strong. It’s kinda funny how Suna can’t really imagine how Takeo’s baby brother/sister gonna be though. I can only imagine it having a Takeo face as well, lol! Also that part where Takeo’s father told him how he fall in love with his mom was a nice story as well. Takeo’s mom wasn’t bad either, she was pretty slim back then.


I’m happy for Takeo. You can see how helpful Suna and Yamato is when Takeo was in such a panic. That’s a side we have never seen before. It’s natural though, being panic in such a moment. I’m just glad Suna was there to help him out. Best bro to the rescue. Takeo is in such a panic that he has to much thoughts in his mind. I’m just glad nothing bad happened to her mom though. I have a feeling that something bad might really happen to her, and I was really worried.

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Besides that, Yamato also came over to help Takeo. She cooked some curry for him, while his mom was hospitalized. I can see now how Takeo and Yamato will go well together. The part where Takeo did some housework, really shows how clueless he is on some stuff, and Yamato was there to help him out. Yamato is a lot calmer than you think she is, and while Takeo was in a panic, you can see how she calmed him down a bit.


It’s really a moving and a sweet episode. So the baby was safely delivered and it’s a she. The baby looks really big though, but I hope she is a lovely one, or at least cute. Please do not have the same face as Takeo, lol! Another great episode, this anime has been beyond awesome, imo. If I could give it a rating of 1 to 10, I’d definitely give it an 11. Such a great show. I gotta recommend this show to everyone, and force them to watch it. As always, thanks for reading.


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