Another great episode. It’s one of those which could probably top the others when it comes to romance. I like the mixture of humor and romance in this one. Well it’s Takeo’s birthday episode after all, it has to be something awesome right? Awesome indeed. Takeo though is dense as ever, while Yamato is extra kawaii this week.


Takeo is super jealous of Kurihara though. The first day he already got his first kiss. I think everyone would be jealous as well if they haven’t got their first kiss. So with Takeo’s birthday coming up soon, Yamato meet Suna and Ai for some consultation. Suna and his brilliant idea, it took just a few minutes for him to think about the cake part. So it’s going to be the first cake Yamato made for Takeo, that has a lot of meaning to it. But I think that wasn’t really the problem for Yamato. She just wanna ask them regarding the kissing part, I bet 😉 LMAO! The combination of Yamato being shock about what Suna told her regarding the kiss, and Suna remembering his first kiss, was brilliant! But as always Suna knows best, his suggestions are always helpful and makes things easier for Yamato.


I thought Ai is going to play some part regarding Takeo’s birthday. But she didn’t even give any present to him. Maybe she is already over it, you know. I really like how Takeo’s birthday is on the first day of the new year. That’s really great, because he gets a one day off from school or work. The part about the fortune thing is a nice touch as well. To think the fortune would come true for both of them. The part where everyone came to Takeo’s place was a bit of a turn off though. I was really expecting something romantic but that happened. Glad it didn’t last long though.


Yamato’s present for Takeo is really cute. A stuffed animal, OMG! Kawaii! I bet that tiny bear is another Yamato. Soo kawaii. The birthday celebration was really nice, especially the part where Yamato sings for him. I like it a lot, and the big surprise and i’m sure everyone was expecting it, that she is gonna give him a kiss. But no one expects that Takeo wouldn’t notice about it at all. It was funny, but kinda disappointing as well. I’m just glad that Yamato wasn’t that sad at all though in the end.


Now comes the best part of the show. Takeo goes to Suna’s place and told him what happened. We know it’s going to happen, the part where Suna told him it was actually a kiss, and I’m glad he did that. Or not, Takeo wouldn’t know shit about it. He is dense as ever really. It was so romantic though the part where he goes running back at Yamato and making up for his mistake, to have a proper kiss. What a beautiful thing to see. Didn’t expect him to hug her as well. So awesome, kinda made me wanna shed some tears of happiness.


This is why this show is so great man. The best shoujo definitely, and my most favorite of all time. Yes, I bet it’s already up there at my top list. It’s always consistent, it’s always good and funny as well. What more can you ask for really. I’m very satisfied and I didn’t expect it to be this good when I first pick the show up. Now what else is there for us to see I wonder. What kinda of surprise do they have in store for us. I’m sure there is more awesomeness coming our way, no doubt about it, and I’m looking forward to that. Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I do. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.


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