Not a bad episode overall. The subject is less interesting, but still it’s an ok episode. Christmas is here in Ore Monogatari. Takeo and the boys, and Yamato’s friends gather again to celebrate Christmas together. Well it won’t be Ore Mono without some love would it? This week it’s all about Kurihara and Nanako-chan.


First of all, I really can’t believe Kurihara actually asked Nanako out to a movie before. That’s really a surprise, knowing Kurihara, it seems really impossible for some reason, lol!  So Kurihara told Takeo that he likes Nanako, while Nanako told Yamato that she likes Kurihara. It seems like it’s gonna be something easy, but it’s not. Takeo and Yamato did their best to get them both together the night before Christmas.


Well it didn’t turn out like what Takeo and Yamato had planned, but somehow they managed. Seriously though Kurihara is really nothing special, too many things that isn’t worth the mention really. Kurihara is soo not romantic. Nanako is just waiting for him to make a move, but he didn’t even try at all, despite him telling Takeo that he would try and ask Nanako. He did hold hands, but seriously what the hell man…. disappointing.


Poor Nanako, she tried so many things. Like taking her coat off slowly, and so many stuff. I am sure she also ran away and expect Kurihara to chase her. It didn’t happen at all. The thing is, Kurihara is just not man enough to do all those sort of things. I expect him to at least save Nanako without asking for help, but that really didn’t happen as well. Such a disappointment. He just can’t be honest to himself as well. At least that attempt to grab the star was something though, and in the end he managed to man up and ask her. Lucky you Kurihara, because Nanako was just waiting for you.


It seems completely impossible that those two could get together. But I’ve seen things in life that I can’t believe myself, when it comes to relationship. So it’s pretty much possible really. Now that Kurihara and Nanako is together, it seems that they could go along well now. Not sure if they will last, but it seems they just might, lol! Lets hope for the best. Well I think next week is going to be an interesting episode for sure. It’s Takeo’s birthday! What surprise awaits him? I’m not sure as well, but I hope it’s gonna be something awesome. Thanks for reading, and as always some extra gif in the gallery.


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