Another awesome episode. That’s like 3 straight great episodes in a row. This new episode particularly topping the other 2 for sure. I’m just glad they didn’t delay anything and get right to business about Saijou and Takeo. The impact from watching this week’s episode wouldn’t have been great if they delay about Saijou.


That moment when Takeo thinks nature was his master, lol! I like that it’s all about Saijou and her obsession towards Takeo. Suna the best bro is back to helping Takeo and Saijou. Usually he would stay away from all this and observe, but I guess it has reached a point where there is a need for intervention. I really like the moment where both Yamato and Saijou talk and adore about Takeo together. Sadly for Saijou, the closer she tries to get to Takeo, it kinda hurts her more, and Suna notice that. Takeo love for Yamato is ever eternal it seems, and Saijou can’t do anything about it.


When Suna was on the move and ask Saijou what she really feel about Takeo, it was just kinda obvious that Saijou totally likes Takeo. I’m glad Suna actually did that, if not she is gonna keep bothering Takeo to some degree that might break Yamato x Takeo. I’m also glad Suna was there to hear her out, when she really need someone to talk to the most. Suna you the man. I kinda wanna ship Suna with Saijou to be honest. Seems very possible. Some might not think that Yamato is not concerned about it at all at first, but I actually think she is very concerned about Saijou from the start. That’s why she asked Saijou what she likes about Takeo, when they were out.


That confession from Saijou was great. It was heartbreaking for her, but it’s a great moment for Takeo, he finally realize something. I like how the confession is, it’s so unusual from any anime i’ve seen, it’s just great!  Also that moment where Takeo actually runs towards Yamato and actually tell how he actually feel was amazing as well. Fucking manly that guy is. Is there even such guy in this world like Takeo? And that moment where Yamato cried of happiness, that’s the part where it’s really obvious that Yamato was actually worried all this time about Takeo and Saijou. Happy as she is, worried would be the thing on her mind for a while I guess. She really knows how to hide her feelings, that I’m afraid might turn into a bad thing in the future.


Overall a really amazing episode. So much love, feelings, so much joy, a little bit of sadness, and they actually add some humor in it whenever it is possible. Just perfect. That ending at the end was beautiful. I’m worried about Saijou not talking to Takeo ever again too. I’m glad it wasn’t really a bad ending for her, but that Saijou fading away part made me think like she just passed away or something, lol! Ore Monogatari definitely best anime. After watching episode 16, I just reassured myself that it’s in my top 10 favorite list. Such a good show, needs an early recognition. Sure some could disagree and stuff, but I like this show a lot, and it won’t really change much even if someone wanna argue about it lol! What is great in my eyes might not be in your eyes. We just gotta live with that mate. As always thanks for reading and have a great day. More gifs in the gif gallery, enjoy.


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