Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 9


Not a bad episode really. It started with a pool episode. Didn’t think they would make another episode where we could see all the girls wear a bikini again. The starting was good, I was hoping it won’t be focused on a certain character, and I was definitely disappointed. The first half they focused more into Paula which really didn’t progress much. She did opened up a bit for Raku and the rest though, but Haru pushing her into the pool made the progress back to square one. She can’t swim! lol! Seriously an assassin who can’t swim, lol!


I love the 2nd part of the show more though. Again I was disappointed a bit as I was hoping it would be more about Onodera, but damn you Haru you have to show up, and at the beginning as well. She was a bit annoying at the start, but turns out normal at the end, when she found out more about Raku. Didn’t think Raku would come again to Onodera’s house though, I guess they might be more in the future, who knows. Ruri is so awesome, she is definitely shipping Onodera x Raku. I thought Raku actually got the medallion back before, turns out it was still in Haru’s possession. Glad she gave it back though, she might finally believe that Raku is her prince after all. As always looks like she is still denying it till the end though.


As always not much progression from the show. I doubt this show will ever end, it’s not a bad thing. The more Nisekoi, the better. A little bit of Fuu-chan is nice. Please make an episode especially for Fuu. I need more of Fuu-chan. Hope we get it over with all this character thing and right into the plot maybe. I can’t say it’s anywhere near as good as the first season. It’s like this season is more into introducing more new characters and too little progression. I was always excited to watch the next episode back when the first season aired. Can’t say the same for this season. It’s not as exciting as the first season. Yeah that is right.. it’s less exciting. Hope they get back with the fun factor. That’s all, thanks for reading.



    • No idea why med, but your comment was in the spam section lol! Thanks for the comment and yes Chitoge is one of the best girls.

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