Nijiiro Days First Impressions


This anime has the potential to become a very good shoujo show. First of all this is just half the length of a normal show, just 13 minutes long. It’s pretty good so far, they get into the shoujo part pretty quick as well. Lets make it clear, this is not a boys love show. I know a lot is probably going to say it is one, base on the key visual, but it’s shoujo. They made it pretty clear that every guy is probably gonna get a girlfriend too in the opening song visuals. It’s about guys doing nothing and enjoying themselves in highschool. Pretty much what I want for a slice of life show. Both girls and boys can pretty much enjoy watching this show. The animation is pretty good, the opening song and ending is nice as well.


I’m loving the show despite it only being 13 minutes long. I kinda wish it was longer, but we’re getting 26 episodes from this show, so that’s pretty good for me. The character in the show is really fun to watch. All 4 boys in the show has a different set of personality, which makes the show vibrant. They only focused on one of the guys so far which is Hashiba, who sorta have a crush on this girl during Christmas Eve, while being dumped by some other girl during the same day. He has a pretty interesting personality, one who is shy, panics easily and overreacts just about anything, but he is a pretty nice guy. The girl on the other hand is Kobayakawa Anna, a very quiet girl and has her own sense of pace. She doesn’t talk much, but she’s pretty cute and lovely. The other boys are pretty much handsome too, and the other 3 girls that has yet to be introduced are really pretty as well. This is pretty much going to be an awesome shoujo show, as far as I can tell.


The animation is pretty nice. Very colourful and vibrant, and well animated. There doesn’t seems to be much of a problem in terms of animation, looks just good to me for a slice of life anime.  The voice actor seems fine as well. At first it had me worried that Hashiba might has the same voice as Kirito since it’s the same voice actor, but the voice is kinda different which is good. I’d be hard to watch if he has the same voice, because I don’t like Kirito’s voice that much. I really like Kobayakawa’s voice though, pretty polite type of voice.


Despite this anime being slice of life kinda anime, the show is very heavily focused on the shoujo aspect as well. In fact I could say that it’s more shoujo than slice of life. I’m loving the direction it’s at, at the moment, and I’m really looking forward for more of this anime. It’s pretty funny too at times, which is pretty nice. The mix of slice of life and shoujo is what makes it great for me, and the variety of personality, and the number of pretty girls and handsome boy(for girls) is just nice. I’m really looking forward for more, and I can pretty easily say that this could be one of my favorite anime too this season. Hopefully you guys and girls will pick this up, it’s gonna be one hella of a shoujo, I could guarantee you that.


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