Nijiiro Days Episode 5-6


Another late post, sorry about that. I really like how things are going at the moment. While episode 5 was just about the boys, episode 6 is what it’s all about this week. Anna finally showing signs of affection is really nice to see, and seeing the boys being boys wasn’t bad either. I bet the girls who watches this really likes it. Overall entertaining as ever, and some nice romance to go with it. Also Natchan is actually good at something, what a surprise.


Episode 5 was actually pretty good overall. We know more about Natchan at what he is good at. So turns out he is really good at tennis, even his senior pretty much lost against him. I didn’t expect him to be good at sports at all, but I bet it was due to that rough training from his senior that he become this good. Tsuyo-pon and Matsu is really terrible though, lol!


As for episode 6, I think it’s one of my favorite episode. You know why I like it a lot anyway, it has to be because of Anna. For the first time I think we finally saw a different side of her. Showing some affection towards Natchan and really showing signs of loving him. She was jealous, she was sad, she was cold. Such a cute thing to see. I know I would have been hurt broken as well seeing Natchan holding hands with some other girls if I were in her position. Good thing Keichan made it clear in the end.


Seeing how happy Anna was when she was invited by Natchan and all was really cute. She was really looking forward to it. It’s nice to see that Anna is pretty much a normal girl after all. The good think I see in her is that she didn’t shout or get really mad like any other girls in anime though. Sure the mad face, but not shouting and etc, was really nice. Seeing the unsure Anna was really lovely. She really loves him that much, it’s quite a fast development, but a good one. I like that they didn’t drag it too long, and this is just really nice to see.


Overall both episode was really a good one to watch. I really enjoyed every minute of it. Since I watched 2 episode at once, it really felt a lot better with more content. Maybe I should do it for this series, but then again there is always things to talk about. Hopefully the next episode is about other guys and their girls next. I am waiting for that development between Matsu and Mari. Both of them looks really sweet together, despite the argument. Whatever is coming next, I’m sure it’s going to be a good one to watch. Thanks for reading.


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