I really like this show. I wish more people would give it a try. There doesn’t seems to be much who watches it, at least the people I know. It’s a really good shoujo anime so far, and one that I really rate highly this season. While the anime is good, the manga is a lot more detailed, just in case you wanted to know more about everything that is going around in the anime. There seems to be a lot of progress this week, again. The show is focused on the sadist dude this time, but everyone does get a fair share of screen time and moments.


Kei-chan seems to be lonely. While all the other guys have a date or girlfriend, he doesn’t seems to have any. They kinda explained it more detailed this week. He is really a pure sadist, can’t see how all the girl would work well with him. I guess he needs to find one of those masochist girl? I think so. He seems very direct with the things he likes, which is kinda admirable. A girl confessed and he told her she was a sadist. It’s kinda sad, but I guess he has to tell them, because he knows things might not work out if he doesn’t. The girl was kinda cute too, damn.


I never thought we would see a few more new characters in the series, but there is definitely more. That Taizou dude, I think he used to be Kei-chan’s best friend? Maybe. He seems to care about him too much and told the other guys. I like that Natsuki, Tomoya and Tsuyopon is concerned about him. Some bromance right there. If you want more of the conversation and stuff in details, you’ll have to read the manga, I give a few chapters a try but didn’t go as further as I’m watching yet. I’d recommend watching and reading. It’s pretty good.


While the Kei-chan doesn’t really have a girl in his mind right now. The others seems to be progressing well with the girl they like. I think Tomoya is winning Mari’s heart slowly. I really like when those two meet each other, it was fun to watch when they argue. Mari is really cute, I give you that. As for Natsuki, I think he is progressing with Anna pretty well. They are already going out, and they also have a committee work together. That will definitely progress their relationship more. It’s kinda weird how Anna doesn’t mind it all though. It’s like she likes him, but doesn’t know it yet. Very interesting.


Really loving the show so far. Besides Shirayukihime, I think this is another good shoujo show to watch. It’s fun, cute and has its fair share of shoujo moments so far. The cast is great, and the dynamic in character personality is pretty interesting as well. The animation is still consistent and not really that bad at all. I notice that there is a bunch of nice animation that the usually as well this week. While I think the soundtracks could have been better, it’s pretty alright when it comes to that. Looking forward for more of this anime. Thanks for reading.


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