Nijiiro Days Episode 4


I really like this show. I wish more people would give it a try. There doesn’t seems to be much who watches it, at least the people I know. It’s a really good shoujo anime so far, and one that I really rate highly this season. While the anime is good, the manga is a lot more detailed, just in case you wanted to know more about everything that is going around in the anime. There seems to be a lot of progress this week, again. The show is focused on the sadist dude this time, but everyone does get a fair share of screen time and moments.


Kei-chan seems to be lonely. While all the other guys have a date or girlfriend, he doesn’t seems to have any. They kinda explained it more detailed this week. He is really a pure sadist, can’t see how all the girl would work well with him. I guess heĀ needs to find one of those masochist girl? I think so. He seems very direct with the things he likes, which is kinda admirable. A girl confessed and he told her she was a sadist. It’s kinda sad, but I guess he has to tell them, because he knows things might not work out if he doesn’t. The girl was kinda cute too, damn.


I never thought we would see a few more new characters in the series, but there is definitely more. That Taizou dude, I think he used to be Kei-chan’s best friend? Maybe. He seems to care about him too much and told the other guys. I like that Natsuki, Tomoya and Tsuyopon is concerned about him. Some bromance right there. If you want more of the conversation and stuff in details, you’ll have to read the manga, I give a few chapters a try but didn’t go as further as I’m watching yet. I’d recommend watching and reading. It’s pretty good.


While the Kei-chan doesn’t really have a girl in his mind right now. The others seems to be progressing well with the girl they like. I think Tomoya is winning Mari’s heart slowly. I really like when those two meet each other, it was fun to watch when they argue. Mari is really cute, I give you that. As for Natsuki, I think he is progressing with Anna pretty well. They are already going out, and they also have a committee work together. That will definitely progress their relationship more. It’s kinda weird how Anna doesn’t mind it all though. It’s like she likes him, but doesn’t know it yet. Very interesting.


Really loving the show so far. Besides Shirayukihime, I think this is another good shoujo show to watch. It’s fun, cute and has its fair share of shoujo moments so far. The cast is great, and the dynamic in character personality is pretty interesting as well. The animation is still consistent and not really that bad at all. I notice that there is a bunch of nice animation that the usually as well this week. While I think the soundtracks could have been better, it’s pretty alright when it comes to that. Looking forward for more of this anime. Thanks for reading.



  1. I think it has a certain simplicity, perhaps as an unintended result of the half-length episodes, or perhaps the creators recognised that its simplicity would suite such a format. You wrote that the manga is more detailed, which is expected for original material, but in what way. What things were cut from the manga to make the anime adaptation? (I ask this as I might read the manga if I get time). Either way, the simplicity is by no means a bad thing, and definitely helps the flow. I am also watching that Bahamut anime this season, and in comparison its over complexity has caused all sorts of problems for me. Even considering dropping it. šŸ™

    I can’t help but root for Natsuki and Anna, they seemed like the main couple from the start, and I think they are well matched. Mat-tsunā€™s beginning of what I assume will be a relationship with Annaā€™s friend Mari-chan is interesting. Is he masochistic, or does he just like girls telling him he is kimoi?

    Overall I am wondering why there are not more anime like this, instead of the vast quantities of overly similar harem/battle/save the world anime such as the previously mentioned Bahamut. I really enjoyed Yuru Yuri and Gochiusa last season and have been feeling their distinct absence this season, so some fun slice of life with an extra bit of romantic tension is just what I wanted.
    Is that sort of what you were wanting, someone to share their thoughts on Nijiiro Days? šŸ™‚

    P.S. I noticed that you tweeted about watching Football, but the tweet appears to have gone. I assume you were watching the English Premier League? I also follow Football, or as you Americans, and the Japanese call it, Soccer. What game was it that you watched?

    • The more detailed part is that you’ll know more about the characters. It’s very detailed in terms of their conversations and what not. You don’t see them meddling around and talk that much in the anime. Most of those were cut, and you can only get a deeper understanding of the character in the manga. Basically just character development. It’s more detailed in a lot of ways, but the anime isn’t that bad either. The anime includes most of the essential parts for character development, but cuts most of them having fun talking and what not. I’d say if you like the characters and want to know more about them, you should read the manga. But if you’re not such a big fan of it, the anime will suffice.

      Yeah slice of life is the best thing imo. I like the genre the most, compared to the rest. It’s fun and just enjoyable to watch. Something like Non Non Biyori, Gochiusa, is just what I want every season. But we only see it a little lately. There were many before, but somehow the genre has toned down a bit. Well as long as we talk about Nijiiro Days or something. I’d be pretty happy of course. Or anything relating to slice of life genre anime, that should be cool. Most of the time when I talk about them on my blog, there is hardly any responds. But shows like SAO, OPM and other popular shows always gets some attention. Kinda sad, cuz it’s like i’m always talking alone when it comes to such genre lol!

      Yeah Football! I’m a big fan, and yes EPL. I’m a big Arsenal fan since I was 8 or so. It’s kinda frustrating at the moment supporting them, but i’ll cope, just like I always do every year. You interested in football too? šŸ˜€

      • Hmm, I will see how the anime pans out, if I am left wanting more then I might give the manga a try. My taste in anime is really narrow, never having watched SAO nor OPM or other similar, popular shows, but I like slice of life just because I find it relaxing and easy to watch. If I have any thoughts or opinions about future episodes of Nijiiro Days then I might chime in on one of your episode reviews. You have also drawn Shirayuki-hime to my attention on Twitter a few times, so I might watch it’s anime too.

        Yes, I am interested in Football, I watch the match highlights from the EPL and Bundesliga, as that is all the coverage we get in New Zealand. While I played and refereed a bit in primary school, my first real exposure to the professional scene was watching TV while on holiday in Britain, probably in 2006. It was a game where Manchester United were playing, back when they had Ronaldo. So I suppose I have sort of just followed them since. I’m not a rabid fan like some are though. I also have a soft spot for your North London derby rivals Totenham, who are doing surprisingly well this season. šŸ™‚
        Best of luck with your title chances, Arsenal is not out of the running yet!

        • Have you watched Non Non and Tamayura Hitotose? That’s the most relaxing slice of life ever. Shirayuki is really good if you are seeking for shoujo genre. Really recommended. I haven’t checked the manga but the anime is really good.

          Ah a football fan good to know. Oh the Red Devils ey, they haven’t been doing well after SAF left, but they still have a solid team, and their record with Arsenal is still good most of the time. I’m kinda pissed about my team right now, they haven’t even won once this year. As for Spurs, well being an Arsenal fan, I have no comments šŸ˜› Thanks, really need all the luck this season, just hope they can get back to winning ways.

          • Sorry I have not been able to reply earlier, I have been working all day on secret stuff for Cherry.
            I haven’t watched either of those anime, *adds them to backlog* but they do look right up my alley. I don’t know how I have missed them. By the way, this is my list here if you are interested (you don’t have to be though)

            About Man Utd, some rumors are going about that LvG is going to be replaced by Mourinho at the end of the season. I don’t like the sound of that after his rough exit from Chelsea this season. He could be more trouble than he is worth. At least Arsenal has a stable managerial position. Even if Wenger doesn’t seem to be improving things much as the season has progressed. Your next game against Bournemouth should be a good test to see if Arsenal can still beat lower ranked teams with the type of scorelines they did earlier this season.

            If you don’t mind me asking, what is the best way to talk with you about misc. stuff like this? We both follow each other on Twitter, so DMs are an option for stuff too long or private for regular Twitter.

          • Something very Cherry, interesting lol. I’ll check it out if I need some new anime. Yeah atm it’s a bit of a mess for Man Utd without a proper manager. I don’t think Mourinho could change much besides winning it for one season, and then flop the year after and gets sacked. I have doubts about my team, their mentality needs a fix really. Mentally not good enough atm to challenge for the title.

            Yeah Twitter DMs are fine, I talk with a bunch of tweetpeeps there.

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