Nijiiro Days Episode 3


Another good episode. I really like this anime. Despite it being short, it’s still as good as any other full-fledged anime. This week its about the boys and their low grades. So that means it’s study week for them. They also introduced Tsuyopon’s girlfriend this week. There is some surprises, and some good development for Natchan. Very entertaining to watch, and a bit on the romantic side.


Since three of the boys didn’t really do well in their test, they were forced to pass the make-up test. So this week we pretty much found out that all the boys are really bad in studying, and the only bright one out of the four is just Tsuyopon. Seems normal, but it does makes the show interesting to watch. We also found out that Anna is really a smart girl, and she is top 20 in the finals in school. Now I like her even more.


Tsuyopon’s girlfriend isn’t bad either. She is full of energy and very talkative. The part that I didn’t expect to see from her is that she likes cosplaying. Damn you Tsuyopon, he got a girlfriend with the same hobby as him. If you notice, Tsuyopon really likes anime, you can see figures, mangas and anime poster in his house. That pretty much confirms it that he is into that kind of stuff. There is also a short appearance of Tsuyopon’s mom, she is lovely, but maybe it is her sister? I don’t know.


The most interesting part about the show though is the development between Anna and Natchan. It’s kinda fast but I think it was very natural. Natchan walked Anna home and there was some love development there. I like those two, it looks like a good match, definitely. Both kinda confessed that they like to be together as well. Awww sooo sweet! Although they didn’t mean as girlfriends and boyfriends, it does make those two a little bit closer this time. Also that part about Tsuyopon walking his girlfriend home was sweet too.


So far I’m really happy that I picked this up. If I were to pick my favorite anime, this anime is definitely in it, below Boku Dake and Shouwa. I doubt many people likes shoujo that much, but I’m really into this kinda anime, so yeah I’m bias 😛 Looking forward for more Nijiiro Days. I’m thinking of reading the manga soon, maybe. Well that’s all this week, thanks for reading. Do remember to check out our GIF gallery for more gifs from this episode.


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