Nijiiro Days Episode 2


This week’s episode confirms it that this series is one of my favorite this season. I really like myself some shoujo anime and besides watching Akagami no Shirayukihime, this anime is a nice addition in the shoujo department. It’s just 13 minutes long, but what it offers is something similar to any other anime that is around 24 minutes long. Besides the character we meet last week, this week marks the debut of Mari Tsutsui. A very interesting girl, and a great addition to the show. With her around, it’s a lot interesting this week.


I really like the romantic side of this anime this week, and the funny part was fun to watch as well. Time goes by really fast and I think without knowing Anna has already fallen in love for Natsuki. Well at least that’s how I perceive it. She seems to care about him a lot, and vice versa. Thanks to Mari though, it could have gotten a lot more interesting for Natsuki and Anna. It’s really pretty crazy though. Mari is the type who hates boys to the core. Crazy girl, but has her cute side, I suppose.


That part where Natsuki and the boys made chocolates though was really funny. I like that they were able to include the part where the boys were fooling around and what not, it was nice to watch. Really reminds me a bit of Kimi to Boku at some point. That part where Mattsun kinda just kissed Mari was surprising though. I think that might just change Mari a little bit. Also Mattsun seems very interested with her. It’s a good beginning between them, and I’m sure more awesome stuff will happen really soon.


I like that they were able to include some info about the other 2 boys as well. Looks like one of the guys already have a girlfriend, and the other one is really a saddist, lol! This will be interesting to watch, when they get to their parts. One of them seems to like anime too I guess, that gundam chocolate kinda gives us a good hint. So far I’m liking the variation of personality between the boys and girls. It should get really interesting once they are done with all the introductions.


I’m happy for Natsuki though. He already got chocolates from Anna. Although I think Anna gave it without any love attention, it does feel like Anna likes him without noticing. I just wonder how it will turn out at the end, but it’s interesting so far. This gonna be good, and I really wish there is more to watch right away. I really like this sort of anime, slice of life is always my favorite type of anime, and a mix of shoujo makes it more interesting. Looking forward to the next episode, thanks for reading.


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