Musaigen no Phantom World First Impressions


I actually like how the show started. A mix of action, introduction, and some info dump, to get the new show started. So far all the characters that was introduced are pretty likeable. The action is pretty nice as well, so is the opening and ending song. The only downside is that there is quite a lot of fanservice in it, if that’s even a downside for most of you guys, hehe. Do I need to talk about the animation? Since it’s done by KyoAni, you know it’s going to be pretty good.


Aside from all that, the anime has quite a number of good cast as well. Some popular seiyuu like Uesaka Sumire, Uchida Maaya and also Hayami Saori is voicing the main characters in the show. Not to mentioned the director is Tatsuya Ishihara, who directs some of my favorite anime such as, Clannad, Kanon, Nichijou and Haruhi.


At first I thought we’re going to get a lot of info dumped at us, but it turns out it was quite nicely done. Although a bit heavy at the beginning, the info dump kinda got separated in small parts afterwards, with a bunch of stuff happening in between. The pacing is just right for me. In between those info dump they kinda add some action between it. They also took the opportunity to put a bunch of fanservice in between.


A few characters has been introduced, and the focus has been on Ichijou who is pretty knowledgeable and likes to read books, then there is Mai Kawakami, who does all the combat while delivering us some fanservice, and also the cute junior Reina Izumi, who can swallow phantoms when they are weak. 3 of them makes one great team with good chemistry. Personally out of all of them I really like Reina, she is pretty cute, and very polite. My type of girl. Reina kinda looks like the imouto from Charlotte though, although more mature and taller.


Musaigen no Phantom World utilize soundtracks and music pretty well too. I really have to praise an anime whenever they did that right. Animation wise, it’s pretty good as expected from KyoAni. From start to finish, the animation has been consistent, and an eye candy. The story for the first episode is pretty entertaining and managed to keep me interested. So far, they haven’t got into detail of what to expect in the series, besides catching all those phantoms that is. Hopefully there is more to it than just phantoms.


A good start for the series, I’m pretty pleased so far. Hopefully they could keep this up for the remainder of the series. The series seems like a mix of a bunch of anime though. Hopefully by the end of the series, there is something that could make this series unique compared to the rest. So far it has potential, and I think i’ll be blogging this anime week in, week out. Thanks for reading.



  1. While not as good compared to other premieres, I still have to admit that the first episode was very enjoyable. It seems that Mai’s attractive figure rivals Sento Isuzu even. Have to admit that the second part was funny, but hopefully the battles will be enjoyable in future episodes.

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