This episode is beyond neko. I haven’t seen an episode of any anime that has so much cats in it. Definitely an interesting one if you are a cat lover, and of course nekogirls. It was an entertaining episode still, while there is nothing significant to advance the plot, there was actually a small moment that means something between Mai and Yaruhiko, maybe. I don’t think I really mind watching something like this week in and week out, it’s quite fun actually, the series as a whole I mean.


Everything is so neko, there is really nothing not neko this week. I really like the part where they visited the lolis. It was kinda sweet and heartwarming for some reason. Maybe because they have that admire vibe, and the senpais are so nice too them. So they end up looking for a missing neko, and everyone at school not only acts like nekos, but some of them even turned to nekos. What a coincidence.


I think the cutest thing has to be how all the girls turned to nekos. Mai was alright, Kaito was pretty cute, but Reina and Kurumi has to be one of the cutest out of all of them. I understand why Haruhiko doesn’t turn out to be a neko though, it would be sorta of a turn off if he does. Good thing they only focus on the girls. When Kurumi was talking like a cat, that was like the cutest thing. Although I kinda cringe sometimes, it was still alright overall.


Everything is so neko, even the phantom is neko this week. For some reason that big neko phantom cat somehow reminded me of a cat in one of those Studio Ghibli movies. The good thing this week was that the phantom was a good one, neko phantom was just lonely that no one visits the mansion anymore. That little cat they were looking for was really cute though, looks like one of those munchkin cat with short legs.


Overall I think it was good episode. Maybe some might get tired of it because there was really no progress in terms of the plot? But I notice that Mai is somewhat fonder now with Haruhiko. She kinda blushes once and was kinda jealous that Reina was a bit too close with Haruhiko. It was definitely intentional as far as I can see. Maybe there might be some romance in the end? Maybe. Or maybe it’s a lot better if they just don’t go with that route at all, make things neutral, because some ship is gonna sink, and fans will definitely not be happy. Lets see how next week goes, thanks for reading guys.


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