Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 5


It’s getting better lately. I’m liking the series more thanks to the character developments. Last week’s was Reina and this week is about Kaito and a little bit about that loli girl. It should get a lot more interesting from now on too. Finally Kaito in the running for best girl vs my Reina-chan? šŸ˜€ A bunch of phantom fight as always with a mix of new members, a really good episode overall.


The more I know about Kaito, the more I’m starting to like her. As expected though, Kaito is a nice person after all. Her past is what makes her in such a tight spot at the moment. It’s pretty sad to find out about what happened to Kaito though. Even her parent’s can’t accept her and her powers. Seems to be somewhat similar to Reina’s situation, although the circumstances are different. Sad to know that she has been without a friend all this time as well. Can’t blame her though, she has lost a bunch of friends in the past, I guess she just doesn’t want to lose more by making more friends.


Now that we know, I guess all is forgiven. It also explains why Himeno sensei has been meddling around and asking her for help. Everything seems to be paying of in the end. Looks like Kaito has finally opened up a bit. There is also that loli Kurimi who should be part of the group too soon. Kaito’s overpowered ability with that giant loli bear, the team can’t get more overpowered that it already is. I wonder what they have in store for us soon. With such OP team, I guess there is going to be a huge phantom battle or something soon. Everything seems to point out at that little computer device from the factory. I guess the big boss lies in it, maybe.


I’m liking how everything is turning out for the show now.Ā The character development is there, and the show is finally going somewhere. It’s advancing slowly sure, but things should speed up soon enough. All that is left is to know more about Haruhiko, Ruru and Kurimi, and we should be good for something big afterwards, hopefully. Now I’m interested to know more about the show. Hoping it won’t disappoint in the long run, but all I can see is good stuff from now on. Hopefully I’m right. Looking forward for more of Phantom World. Thanks for reading. Remember there is more cute Kurimi gifs awaiting in the gif gallery. šŸ™‚



  1. While Koito is not as interesting compared to Reina, it’s easy to sympathize with her considering that she lost so much. Still, I wonder how she will get along with the group.

    Also, Kurimi is too cute.

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