Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 4


Everything is about Reina this week, and I really like it a lot just for that. It’s down to personal preference this week, if you like Reina, I guess you’ll really like this episode. If not, maybe it’s just meh. Plenty of cute Reina, but that loli is missing again. I find it really touching at the end, and it was really one kawaii episode.


From the start till the end, I was all fuwa fuwa because of Reina. There was a glance of how Reina’s real one-sama looks like as well, at least from the back. So Reina’s big sister likes to ride bikes, and left home. Although there isn’t much development about her big sister, there is definitely a lot for Reina herself. I just hope she stays strong, and I think she’ll cope with it. Hoping that they will talk more about her big sister in the future.


Although it was suppose to be one sad episode, it was really a cute one to watch. Reina was so cute this week, I think it will take forever for me to make all the gifs. That phantom who possessed Reina wasn’t a bad one at all. Although it felt sinister at first, but in the end I think it’s a good phantom that wants to help Reina to forget all about her problems. I like the cute part, even Mai has some part of the cuteness.


There seems to be more involvement of Kaito as well. She keeps giving advice and appearing. I bet she is really worried about Reina. She checks her out often just to make sure she is safe. Although she acts very arrogant, she actually really isn’t, pretty sure everyone knows that. I’m still wondering if she will ever join the group. It will be really interesting if she did. When will that loli join too, this is taking forever.


I like the ending of this episode. It’s like one of those finale episode. Although there isn’t much buildup for it to be amazing, I think it’s quite good in the end. Seeing Reina happy, makes me happy as well. I think this episode is my personal favorite so far. I’m not sure what they will have in store next, but I hope it gets a lot more interesting soon. It has to get more interesting than it already is, if not I’m going to be disappointed. Well that’s all from me this week, thanks for reading. Do remember to check our GIF gallery for more cute Reina gifs.



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