Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 3


Another entertaining episode. It’s a good show to watch so far, but it has yet to offer anything that could keep me hooked. It does remain consistent at what they do best, and that’s the fighting scene. I just hope there is some boss phantom are something that could make this show a little bit more interesting. For now it seems they are still sticking with the same formula, with some new additional stuff added slowly. They are still teasing us about that loli girl, but this time Himeno sensei has some more screen time than the usual, which is kinda refreshing.


I like that this episode is more focused on Mai as well, because you know….last week I was complaining that there isn’t much about Mai yet apart from the fighting part. Mai remembering about her past and her childhood friend is actually not that bad. It’s also nice to see how close Mai is with Haruhiko. For some reason I feel like Mai has feelings for him now, just a bit. I kinda wish it never happen though, because it’s not what I’ve signed up for in this anime. I like seeing Reina being jealous though.


The 2 phantom girl isn’t that hard to guess. As expected they were once Mai’s childhood friend. I really like the part that Mai is sorta still the same as she is now, when she was little. Not quite sure how those 2 phantom girl became friends with Mai though. Wish they would explain it a little bit more. While the memory copy part seems like a nice addition to the show, I find it kinda lame because Haruhiko is sorta overpowered now, despite his limitation. I was expecting other members cover for his shortcoming, but looks like this memory copy bullshit will make things easier for him now.


Well not a bad episode overall, I enjoyed the fighting scene, and I sorta like Mai more now thanks to this episode. I just hope the loli makes her appearance soon, maybe she will be a nice addition to the show, on the moe side at least. Looking forward to what will happen next. Hopefully there is something interesting in store for us. Thanks for reading. Remember to check out other additional gifs of this episode here.



  1. I have to admit that Reina is cute with those various hair styles, especially the one she wore during the training. Still, it’s interesting that Mai is not that timid that she thought to be.

    Aside from that, I can’t wait for the twin-tailed girl to join.

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